Good luck Sophie Reade

by Mystical Mike

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Over the last 8 weeks we’ve all watched the gorgeous Sophie Reade light up our screens on Big Brother 10. With the program coming to a conclusion tonight our lovely Soph is red hot favourite to win.

Good luck Soph and come back for another shoot very soon.



Sophie Reade






Glamour model, Daily Star page 3 girl



Fav player

Fernando Torres of course


Fav film

Fight Club

You’ve just gotta love Tyler Duden

Fav band

Anthing I can shake my ass to

Finest hour

Appearing in the Daily Star and winning a show jumping competition


To appear in Playboy and be crowned Miss UK Football 2009!

Click here to support Sophie in the Sexy Football League

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  • Peter29

    OMG, she is a super model, I’ve seen this girl magazines!

  • annabella

    wow just wanted to say miss liverpool that you are stunning from miss blackburn! xxx

  • kaylee

    i wud just like to say ur a very beautiful girl miss liverpool x x miss Stoke City x

  • Tom

    Hot hot hot!!!!!!

  • Parks numero uno

    she is hot i must admit but Miss Blackburn and Miss Stoke City, you are both very hot aswell and your boyfriends are very lucky guys (just a slight hint of jealousy!!)

  • dexy longshot

    Fan dabby dozey Sophie, you are gorgeous!
    Good luck to all the girls, you are all belters!!!!!!

    Parksy, not a hint of Jealousy from me, i’ve got my beloved Peggy (tongue firmly in cheek!)

  • Parks numero uno

    Ha Ha!!!!!!! fair play Dexy,the least said about tongues the better………..

    this part of the website brightens up my working week, surely this the trueist meaning of the phrase “beautiful football”

  • Darren

    we have a few more stunners lined up for the next few weeks. We will also be doing one big photoshoot with 30 girls, so watch this space.

  • Parks numero uno

    i am watching with baited breath…………….

  • Parks numero uno

    as sexy as Elke is,i think young Sophie may be crowned the new champion but the young lady representing Middlesbrough should give her a run for her money

  • Darren

    who ever has the biggest fan club will be crowned Miss UKFF 09. There’s some real hotties on our books now, the list is growing. Should be ready to challenge Sky soon!!

  • Stevie

    very cute indeed, a future Miss Footy Finder?

  • Parks numero uno

    i’d like to hear what the young ladies think of all our comments

  • Parks numero uno

    i prefer the sexy football league too the soccerette. with UKFF you get 20 hotties to look at everyday of the week not just on a saturday morning.

    is it possible to be in love with 20 women?? ha ha ha ha!!!!!

  • Sophie Reade

    Hi everyone I’m Miss Liverpool! Woo go Liverpool! lol. I would just like to thank everyone for your comments, really nice of you! I do hope to win, fingers crosssed but I do have alot of competiton as all the other girls are beautiful! Thanks again and keep voting! xxxxxxxxxx

  • Parks numero uno

    as you asked nicely, i will go and vote now.

  • dexylongshot

    big egg heaven!!!!
    Sophie for BB, big bouncers!!!!

  • Darren

    You is the capital of Uruguay!

  • Borat

    She is niiiiiicccee!!

  • James

    Wow, this honey is hot! A Liverpool fan too, come on you reades!!!

  • Dexy Longshot

    BoratI’ve already told you once, you should be sorting out my VIP Stables at the Franny Jeffers Disco tomorrow night, stop leering at Big Brothers Sophie Reade, she’s mine!!!

  • Dexy Longshot

    PS: Here’s the interview with the great man, a few days before he got obsessed with the Liverpool stunner:

  • atomic playboy

    stunning sophie – u look hot as hell !

  • ToMo

    ooh laa laa, good luck on big bro babe, u got my vote fakt! x(“,)x

  • Ollie

    god she is fit.

    right this is weird
    the press came round my house and asked if we knew sophie reade?
    we said yes
    they said that she is related to a yoxhall and mums maiden name is yoxh-all.
    so im related to sophie

  • stu

    She is in big bro. fit fit fit shame bout being a pool fan.

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  • dexylongshot

    Go on Sophie, do it for stunners from all over the land, do it for football, do it for, do it for, do it for the new forums, do it for Mickey mArbles (he could do with cheering up), do it for Roman (see Mickey) do it for Dot Cotton, just do it!

  • mickeymarbles

    Go on luv, do it for the north!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dexylongshot

    Shut it mickey, f-ing northern monkeys!!!

  • Bazazo

    love her

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