Hull City – up for the fight

by Dexy Longshot

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Phil Brown’s boys can stay up top

We’ve covered a lot of ground with recent blogs. To summarise: Spurs are rubbish. So too are Newcastle. The fact is that their downfalls are created not only through their own incompetences, but because of the mathematics of the football league; every year, three teams come up from The Championship, and three take their place from The Premiership. We all know that. But we’ve now arrived a point where the top flight has stabilised since its reformation 90s. A club’s fortunes in the league are dictated primarily on the amount of (or the lack of) money that’s readily available to each club.

Because the cream is consistently rising to the top, bookies more often than not automatically earmark the three promoted teams for immediate relegation. It’s when a promoted team fails to default into the relegation zone that the murmurs and fingerpointing start to kick in; even more so when this freshly-promoted bunch of haveagos isn’t just hanging in there in 16th or 17th position, but has made a healthy start to their campaign and can savour the sight of their name in lights in the top half of the table. This means that the void they should be occupying in the relegation zone is filled instead by a teams who are either Premiership devotees who are used to hanging around the drop zone, or established teams who have failed spectacularly. Like Tottenham. Or Newcastle.

Now, what I’ve just described is just one team making a miracle start. This year the difference is seismic; two promoted teams, Hull and West Brom, are lying in 3rd and 10th respectively. The latter, Tony Mowbray’s Baggies, were expected to have a fighting chance of keeping themselves up, and 10th is a safe enough position in the meantime. Hull’s efforts, on the other hand, have been nothing short of extraordinary. Beating teams like Fulham, and managing to get something from games against Everton and Blackburn, is survival form at its bare minimum. OK, so they got whupped by Wigan, big deal. But making sure you put one over the struggling clubs, Spurs and Toon, is the perfect attitude to staking a claim to challenging for mid-table finish. Then beating Arsenal at the Emirates is a feat that really announces your intention to stay in the league. Then back to back 1-0 victories against both sorry Spurs & West Ham. Managers, field a weakened team at the KC Stadium at your peril.

Eventually we have to be brought back down to Earth and reminded that the season’s still young, it’s a marathon not a sprint, and all the hackneyed expressions that makes us realise Hull City will not be pushing for a Big Four upset for much longer. But confidence is high and Phil Brown looks disciplined enough to keep the momentum going.

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  • Darren

    Hull and West Brom have been a breath of fresh air, both sides came up to play football, their footballing philosophy hasn’t changed. And this is why they will both stay up.

    The Spuds are sitting bottom and are looking favourites for the drop, only 2 sides have escaped relegation after having 2 points at this stage of the season. I can’t remember the last time I saw a Spud in this blog come to think of it

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