Give Beckham his 100th cap then move on

by Mystical Mike

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

Lets end this media circus for good

So the David Beckham road show takes it’s final drive. There is no denying Sir David of Beckenham Palace has been an inspiration to us all, a perfect roll model, a perfect dad, blah blah blah, we know this already.

Lets just give him his 100th cap and move on, a 10 minute cameo would suffice, there is no room for sentiment.

Cynics could argue that Capello is using this to distract attention from a game which England do not expect win, a meaningless friendly, although is there really such a thing?

Last month’s friendly against the Swiss existed initially I suppose as an early warm up for Euro 2008, but as a result of nearly 2 years of management by a man totally unqualified for the job, it took on a new meaning. This was Capello’s first chance to put together and watch a side made up of players who will form the future of the national side.Therefore it was a vital game, the first step towards moulding the new squad and side in the Italian’s image. So why were the media so keen to turn it into a testimonial?

David Beckham chose to give up competitive football at the highest level when Skeletor decided she wanted to live in LA. He chose to play in the equivalent of a pub league. He had not kicked a ball since the Croatia game, and in no way was an in form player.

On the other hand, David Bentley has for a long time looked like the natural successor to Beckham, yet struggled to get a place in the England line up. Yes he was a cock over the under 21 issue, but his meagre punishment was given and he was available to play again. Yet McClaren always appeared to favour Chelsea’s midget wonder on the wing, a goal scorer yes, but a boy who could not put a decent cross in if Willis’s life depended on it.

Bentley has the potential to be everything Beckham is. He can cross a football, he can beat his man, he can take a decent free kick, he has had a succession of appalling haircuts and he appears to want to deliver for his country. All he needs is to marry some overrated wannabe and he’ll have the lot.

Becks v Bentley

So tell me, which is more important. Giving Becks his 100th cap against the French or allowing Bentley 90 minutes to prove his worth?

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  • mikie

    I agree, he has been the perfect professional, there will never be another like him, in some ways he is more famous for his looks and what he does off the pitch, a bit like the band James who were very famous for selling sweat shirts with their logos on, everyone knew they were an ok band.

    I say give me 10 seconds, give him a clap and then let Bentley make the right midfield his own, by all accounts he was outstanding again today

  • Teflon

    I like Becks, I would still place him in most Premiership teams today, But yes he is getting on and yes maybe Bentley would be a candidate for the full time right midfield role.

    But then again i think Jimmie Bullard should be in the England team.

  • mikie

    Jimmie Bullard? is he ‘avin a laff?

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