Golden Generation

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Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Whatever happened to the ‘Golden Generation’? They seemed to kick up a fuss a few years ago without ever doing anything. They even gained a reputation by not winning anything. Apparently Sven wasted them and we missed our chance.

Another ‘Golden Generation’ knocked them out on penalties in 2004 and they didn’t win anything. Damn that winker. However, as much as I hate the phrase that was invented by THAT chief executive, the golden generation hasn’t really broken up.

The only names that can be omitted that the list/generation are the names Campbell we know what happened to him and Neville, we also know what happened to him. He’s got old and he has a tendency to get over excited when playing local rivals.

Liverpool and City fans, please insert appropriate adjective here…..

Another player who’s hardly Mr Popular at Anfield and Eastlands, and I would imagine not on their Christmas card list, is Owen. He was also part of that Golden Generation but it would take a brave man to bet against him not being on the plane to South Africa.

Personally, I would take him.

Again, Liverpool and City fans, please insert appropriate adjective here…..

Though, one illustrious part of the ‘Golden Generation’ is losing his shine and appears to be swapping gold with marble. What has happened to Rio Ferdinand? I have never been Rio’s biggest fan. Its not that I don’t think he’s a good footballer. He is.

It’s because he never turned into the class act he was suppose to be. Where’s the talented ball playing centre half effortlessly switching defence into attack. Instead he now simply passes the ball to Carrick or Barry and in an England shirt, tends to make simple mistakes. Ben Foster seems to be making the mistakes for United at the minute.

Yes, he has won league titles. And yes, he has won the European Cup. My argument here is that when he made the move to Old Trafford he was hailed as the ‘best defender in the world’. He never really took on that title despite being the world’s most expensive defender.

He never truly lived up to his potential and never became that defender that would have been the envy of the world. He seemed more interested in playing practical ‘jokes’ on other members of the England team.

So even though he is a shoe-in for the World Cup squad, if fit, as are the likes of Cole, Terry, Lampard, Gerrard, Rooney, for the first time in his career he is fighting for his place in the England team and if I had my way, I would stick with the West Ham 1966 theory and put Upson in alongside Terry.

Here’s to the new ‘Golden Generation’. Lets hope this lot can win something.

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  • Stevie

    I wish I kept that copy of the Sun after we were knocked out of the last 2 world cups. They ran a massive spread called ‘Golden Generation, the team to win us the World Cup in 2010’. I can’t remember the team but I’m sure Franny Jeffers, Jamie Pennant & David Bentley were in it!

    We have a chance of glory but will need to avoid Spain, Brazil & Holland and possibly the Germans.

  • dexylongshot

    Rio has got to sort his niggles out, when fit, he is class, the last 2 seasons alongside Vidic, he has been superb. On his day is still among the best 5 in the world. I just hope all these injuries don’t keep cropping up, he wasn’t too bad last night but it was hardly a test like Saturday. Yep the big guns will be looking at him closely over the next few months.

    The next game against Brazil can’t come quick enough for me, Dunga has made them into hardworking sloggers like the man himself, it won’t be easy for us in the Heat of the Middle East although I’m sure the FA coffers will be happy.

    Golden generation, we get that all time, every world cup, i choose to ignore it. Franny Jeffers and Vassell, David Platts U21 dream pairing 8 years back, leaving Defoe on the bench every game. Platt should have stuck to doing Pob impressions.

  • Tom

    Upspn is not good enough to clear rios boots, a few bad games doesn’t all of sudden make rio a bad player. He is only human after all, I wish people would get of his back

  • dexylongshot

    I tell you who I would be keeping an eye on center-back wise. Ryan Shawcross, he was absolutely brilliant against big Carlton last Saturday, one of the best performances I have seen all season from any player. He has been playing like that all season apparently. If this is true, fab should definetely give a half before next summer.

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