Good week, Bad week

by Dexy Longshot

Monday, April 21st, 2008


Mk Dons – Paul Ince

Paul Ince will no doubt be a man in demand after clinching promotion with the MK Dons after coming from behind twice to win 3-2 at Stockport. Before the start of the season you could of got odds of 33-1 for the Guv’nor to be a future England manager.

Dexy knew all this ages ago of course

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Bolton Wanderers

Two lucky scrappy 1-0 victories has seen Smegsons Bolton climb out of the bottom 3. However, they will need all the luck in the world to get anything at Spurs & Chelsea in the coming weeks.



After a 17 year absence and 5 promotions later, Aldershot are back in the big time, well League 2 is big time if you’ve played as low as level 8 in recent years. Well done to the mighty Shots!




So wag and bone man Rwoy Hodgson will be back on the tip flogging old clocks and wardrobes. His stay at Fulham has been nothing short of a farce. Another defeat will see the Cottages playing Championship football next season.



Not only did Alex McLeish get blanked by the UKFF team on Tuesday night he also saw his sorry Blues take a 5-1 hammering at the hands of their fiercest rivals. The defeat sees them drop into the bottom 3 with relegation looming.


Steve McClown

Steve McClown received the biggest set of boo’s at the Dennis Law football awards since the great Giant Haystacks almost knocked out Big Daddy in 1979.



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  • Tef1on

    I cannot understand Why McLeish moved away from doing a great Job with the Scottish National Team to take on a Premiership side who move up and down the leagues more than Leeds United. He had a great thing going at Scotland… Surely International Management is more rewarding than Taking a struggling Premiership side to the Championship?

    Had to chuckle when i saw Villa thumped them 5-1 in the local Derby, but only cause i’m still bitter when Spurs did it to us goons!

  • Dan Church

    If you love football as much as you obviously do if your a club or international manager then your going to want to live and breath it day in day out… international manager you oversee, what, 8 games a year……i know which id prefer. Obviously to be the manager of your country is a pinnacle of careers but it really doesnt surprise me when younger managers leave to take over club sides.

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