Good week, bad week

by Dexy Longshot

Monday, April 14th, 2008


The Red Devils

Manchester United, who else, the Mancs were lucky to beat ‘unlucky Arsenal’. However, you make your own luck Arsene. 6 points clear with a superior goal difference, surely the title is heading back to Old Trafford? There was even time for Sir Alex to give Wenger a hug, happy days!


Queen of the South

Europe’s elite may be quaking in their boots after an amazing display from Gordon Chisholm’s men at Hampden. First division QOTS amazingly took the lead 3 times but each time the Dons came back. But Stewart banged home a winner on the hour. Take that and party! Another underdog heading for glory?



The old rag and bone man Rwoy Hodgson could well be Fulhams savior after all, with another victory at the Rweadings Rwoyals, with a vital 2-0 Vwictory. Steptoe and Son would very wight Pwroud, ‘You dirty old Cottager’.



Arsenal, again

Not only did Arsene Wenger watch his season go up in flames, he also had to endure a hug from his long time sparing partner Alex Ferguson. A stubborn Wenger insisted his team have a remarkable fighting spirit, so good in fact their current form is worse then the teams in the bottom 3, excluding Derby of course, they don’t count, not to mention they lost the lead no more than 4 times in the space of 8 days. Ah, bless!


Alan Curbishly

West Ham slumped to yet another pathetic 1-0 defeat. Curbs could well and truly be the next manager to get the boot. I was there and it was an absolute shambles. Another Charltonized performance like that and the old Irons will be calling for Bilic to replace the middle of the table man.


Derby County, again

Words fail me at how utterly pony Derby County have been, Paul Jewell claimed his players are a bunch of jokers, so what does that make him? 1 victory in 34 games, their second 6-0 hammering at home is a total disgrace.

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  • Darren

    I’m looking forward to Arsenal Derby, no doubt we’ll have 89% possession, you never know, even Pleb might shoot in that game!!

    Seriously though, everyone could see how knackered the whole team were, Clichy was superb, he never stopped, Fabregas was total exhausted, they gave their all. I was very proud of them.

    West Ham are fast becoming Excuse United, you can’t keep using the old injury card, deal with it.

  • Michael

    Comn’ Arsene bout time you stopped letting pride get in the way and accept that you are going to have to bring some decent back up players in. I’ve always had the same view of arsenal, always had some fantastic players that play some sureal football, but it’s always only 3 maybe four world class players at a time. The rest of the team is made up of absolute scrubers, Senderos???? marking players like Torres and Rooney, give me a break. There is alot of potential there with the likes of Fabregas, Flamini, Van Persie, Hleb, Adebeyor and Rosinsky (who i can’t understand why he hardly gets game time when he is fit by the way, who puts Eboue in front of Rosinsky) but thats nice to see when your a die hard United fan. Anyway back to what i was saying, great potential but huge gaps, you can’t expect these guys to carry and lead the team when they have to constantly cover for crap like Senderos, Gallas, Eboue and the rest, no wonder they ran out of steam, their best and most creative players were having to play 2 positions each.
    Time to bite the bullet buddy and admit they maybe the fact you haven’t managed to win anything for the last 3 years is down to the fact that your strategy is flawed, not wrong just flawed. Step back take a look and make a few adjustments cause if you can manage to be humble enough to admit your not always right then Arsenal may well become something really special.

  • Darren

    erh, Rosicky is injured mate and has been for the last 2 months, he may even miss Euro 2008. He does get his game and is probably one of the reasons we collapsed like we did. Both he and Eduardo were sorely missed, Teflon will disagree with me here, but me those two players had energy, and end product, players Eboue have nothing to offer the team except defensive qualities, going forward he is total crap. Walcott did more the 20 mins at old Trafford than Eboue has all season.

    You are right in saying we need two or three players.

    In my mind we lost it at Birmingham, and Gallas must take huge reasonability for that.

    I respect Man United, they play beautiful football at times but more more importantly, they play winning football, which is something we need to learn. We were fine with 12 games left, and we will be fine next season. I’m just happy Chelsea blew it, ha ha, go go Heskey!! World class!!

  • Darren

    it’s already started, once again all the talk is about who is leaving Arsenal

    Bayern Munich want Arsenal midfielder Mathieu Flamini whose contract expires at the end of the season. (Various)

    Alexander Hleb could also be on his way out of Arsenal with Inter Milan close to agreeing a £12m deal for the midfielder. (Express)

  • Tef1on

    Rosicky has been injured for a total of 4 months… thats one less than RVP this season. Sadly I dont think he has the muscles to carry on at this level anymore

  • Darren

    who RVP or Rosicky? They are both in their mid 20’s. They have loads of left in them

  • Michael

    thanx boys i realise that Rosicky has been injured what i ment was that earlier on in the season when he was fit he was still sitting on the bench half the time, which i find completly ridiculous considering he has always been quality.

    On another note though hows Gallas’ comments today “results are what matter, not the style of play” spoken like a true Blue. Back to chelsea with you buddy, in fact maybe a move to switzerland would be better so we didn’t have to constantly hear you winging u twat. Or bad mouthing everyone around you for your own mistakes and for your lack of overall talent. I swear if he was as good as he says he is, there would be no contest for the world player of the year. And the style of play is down to the players around you, if you have the talent to play attractive football like arsenal do, do it. Who honestly wants to see another chelsea or Milan who have all the attacking talent in the world but who choose to play boring just for the sake of making sure of a title. No room for gutless football i say, lets multiply the number of man utd, arsenals and barcas in this world that are willing to back their ability cause thats what the fans come to see.

  • Tef1on

    Rosicky has a Muscular disability where his muscles don’t grow like a normal humans, instead they grow more at one end than the other. I’m not sure what the condition is called but it is why he has so many muscle related injuries. Sadley he has spend about 50% of his time at Arsenal on the Injury list… If i spent 50% of the time off Sick at work I know i’d be sacked.

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