Goodbye Thierry Henry, thanks for even more memories!

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Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

We are getting prepared to say goodbye to Premiership legend Thierry Henry once again. His short loan spell has reinforced Arsene Wenger’s credentials as king of the dealing as in the last two months Henry has scored more goals than 85million pound combo Fernando Torres and Andy Carroll put together.

Yes there is no denying that the pace has gone, and even the technique is not what it use to be, however his class and commitment has been integral for Arsenal moving in to the FA Cup fourth round and despite all this years criticism and supposed ‘doom and gloom’ the Gunners are now in the coveted final Champion’s League spot because of his last minute winner against the in form Sunderland.

When Henry was bought in the press jumped on the desperation bandwagon and felt that this showed Arsenal were sinking faster than Adriano’s attempted diet by bringing in a 34 year old ‘has been’. However it has worked out quite the opposite and now Carroll and Torres’ employers are looking up at a team in resurgence.

Yet despite all these positives the Premiership has to wave Thierry off back to America with a strong possibility that he may never kick a ball in this league again; with half of North London wishing that another former Premiership player who picks up his pay packet in the USA was getting on that flight instead.

A spell of uncertainty is set to spread over the Emirates when that plane heads back to America as the experience and lift that the all time great gave the Gunners is surely going to be missed and with the verdict still out on the returning Moroccan Chamakh, can Arsenal continue their target of getting fourth place? Or has the return of the greatest player to grace the Premiership been enough to lift Arsenal to a new confidence where they can even dream of Champions League glory and catching rival Spurs?

Goodbye Thierry for the near future, don’t hesitate in coming back; fellow comeback king Scholes has hinted he has another year in him, and so can you.


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  • Mystical Mike

    I’ll admit, I was wrong. I thought Wenger made a mistake, but that injury time goal at Sunderland could prove to be one of the most important goals of the season. It was a great bit of business.

    As for Chamakh, he’s crap. Gervinho can play centre forward, he played there for Lille so I don’t really see a problem, the OX or Walcott are also options.

  • Sean

    Don’t know why they don’t keep him

  • Djofils

    I nearly cried when he scored and that tells alot. JUST PURE PURE LEGEND!!

  • Patrick

    I’m glad he’s going back. I never liked the arrogant overrated Frenchman. Anyone would’ve scored a bucket load of goals in that brilliant Arsenal team of the past.

  • alex

    yo relax it aint like Henry has scored more than what Carroll and Torres have scored together in his small loan spell,lol!
    he’s scored 3 goals,all 3 sitters and you make him a legend,lol
    he could make a good impact coming on from the bench,he is way better than Chamakh,but he’s lost pace…etc
    Wenger must wake up now before it’s too late,cant he see that the squad relies too much on Van Persie?you take Van Persie out of the Arsenal squad and the squad immediately looks average.yeah Chamberlain is one for the future but not one for the present.Walcott is overrated,he is a player full of pace but without any mind at all.and what about the midfield?Song is the only player who seems good,Ramsey is a player you like to see but nothing special and i cant believe Arteta is considered an Arsenal player,he wouldnt play in City,United or even Tottenham for that matter.Mertesacker,Gervinho,Chamakh,Benayoun,Park,Andres Santos all these players simply average for a big club like Arsenal.i am a Real Madrid supporter but in my opinion play the best football in england right now,i dont support any team from england,i just like how tottenham play.Bring Van Persie to Real Madrid please Perez.
    Ramos Pepe Kompany Marcelo
    Modric Alonso Ozil
    Benzema Van Persie Ronaldo
    F**K off barcelona

  • Brian

    Alex, since Henry returned against Leeds in the FA Cup, he went on to get three goals, Carroll since has 2, and Torres 0, and two of them were vital goals, and the other two are meant to be in there prime and he is meant to be past it. Legend

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