Great Britain? Lets Have It!

by Michael Somerville

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Football and politics have undergone a dramatic change in recent years and the link between the two is more pronounced than ever. Frequent and ever-worthy England saviour David Beckham presented the England World Cup 2018 bid book to the Fifa President Sepp Blatter that would hopefully convince the Fifa chief to give the go-ahead.

With the country in such a dire economic state it seems that the 2018 World Cup could reduce the pressure on Clegg and Cameron (that’s if they are still with us then!) Costing just under £1 billion to stage, profits are forecast to rise to £3.2 billion- therefore easing the economic crisis and giving us football fans plenty to be excited about.

Main competition looks to be coming from the joint bid of Spain and Portugal or Russia. Perhaps Russia are sneaky favourites, at least in the potentially economic sense, as the government has set aside an incredible investment package worth more than £120 billion that would transform the country’s infrastructure.

David Beckham can do a great job for England on the pitch and now it’s clear that he can also carry out a grand job off the pitch. Widely credited with England’s successful Olympic bid, Beckham is clearly our number one sports export of the last 30 years and there are high hopes second time around.  Beckham does indeed have a great case.

 Our stadia are unparalled in relation to the rest of the world. We may not have stadiums the size of the Nou Camp and the Bernabéu but our vast range which includes Villa Park, The City of Manchester Stadium, Old Trafford, The Emirates, and St James’ is impressive. Plus… we wouldn’t have to go about the lengthy ordeal of  preparing ourselves to hire builders to construct the stadiums like we’ve done with the Olympics.

One last thought; we should include Scotland, Wales and Ireland to the happy party. The Millennium Stadium, Hamden Park and Croke Park are magnificent stadiums and would help to unite Britain.

 A little bit of common sense from David Beckham and the World Cup bidding team could make Great Britain great again.

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  • dexylongshot

    Well it would have been nice but Triesman appears to have fkd it up for all of us. It might be a good thing in the long run getting shot of him, i didn’t like him anyway, at least Geoff Thompson holds some sway high up with FIFA and UEFA.

    PS: What the hell did the ginger sort he was supposedly poking see in him???

    PPS: Becks could have took his hands out of trousers as well when he was handing the bid book over.

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