Greatest start to the Premier League ever?

by Jack Hayes

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Wow. What a start to the new Premiership season. After arguably the worst world cup in living memory, it is such a relief to have the best league in the world back on our screens, with goals goals goals.

It has to be said however it hasn’t been a great start for a few clubs. Wigan already look doomed after letting in more goals then Labour let in immigrants (yes I went there). It is fast becoming a cliché to call West Brom a “yo-yo” club, but I can’t see anything other than a return to the championship for Roberto Di Matteo’s lot unless he can shore up that back four. After Blackpool spanked an embarrassing Wigan (despite vast improvements to the JJB’s pitch) they were brought back to Earth by Arsenal, who if new boy Maroune Chamakh could finish with his feet would have won by a cricket score. However I for one hope the tangerines do stay up, as Ian Holloway is a complete breath of fresh air with his no nonsense attitude. My favourite quote from him last week was; ‘The trick is getting your top earners sorted out on sensible money, then you can pin everyone else down under that. You can control the other Herberts by telling them, “Excuse me, you’re not as good as him, you’re not worth as much, so shut up and get out of my office”.’ Absolutely priceless.

Chelsea have started the season in ominous fashion, after losing four pre-season games on the bounce, they seem to have hit stride and although they haven’t faced the toughest opposition, they can only beat what’s put in front of them. That said the Wigan defence in the second half had more holes in it than the Pakistan slip cordon.

Gareth Bale. I don’t think there is much point in going on. Probably the sweetest left peg in the Premiership at the moment. After a disastrous start to his Spurs career which saw Spurs fail to win in the first 30 odd games that he started. He has become arguably the best left winger in the country at the moment. Spurs will be praying he can stay fit and keep this form as he is almost unplayable at times. My favourite commentator quote from last week came from the Spurs Man City game in which the commentator stated without a hint of irony; “Spurs scout Clive Allen will be going to asses Young Boys on Tuesday”.

Everton have made their usual slow start, but they are still my prediction for 4th spot in the league this year. I think Spurs will battle all season but will ultimately come up short and finish 5th. Post Martin O’Neil Villa looked decent in their first game but if they play anything like how they did at Newcastle they could be in for a long and hard season, my guess; 9th. My tip for the league this year is regrettably Chelsea they don’t look like conceding, and they are outscoring everyone, Man Utd will run them close, but Chelsea will take the league. Arsenal will battle hard until around February when, as usual, their youthful squad will not be able to cope with the injuries and they will fade away. Liverpool under Roy Hodgson look like a much better team, however I still think they will only go one place higher than last season with a 6th place finish. My shock prediction is that free-spending Man City will finish outside the top 10, I just can’t see how Man City is going to gel that bunch of mercenaries into a team. Despite whatever drivel they spout to the camera’s the only reason they have gone to City is for an easy pay day, what do they care if they don’t win the league? It will be Mancini’s neck on the line and they still get paid.

Anyway thanks for reading and tell me your predictions for this season.

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  • Mike

    Super Fulham. That is all.

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