Hang Tevez out to dry

by Gary Taylor

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

I think Graeme Souness restrained himself magnificently when describing Carlos Tevez after the striker’s refusal to come off the bench for Man City in Munich.

The former Liverpool hero described the Argentine as a “bad apple” and says the club need to get rid of him ASAP.

Now I’m probably not alone in thinking that Tevez represents more than a ‘bad apple’.

I could think of a few more colourful words to describe his pathetic action’s in the Allianz Arena when his team were in need of help after a double strike from Bayern striker Mario Gomez.

Roberto Mancini looked as stunned as everyone else and I sincerely hope he sticks to his promise and ensures that Tevez never plays another game for Man City.

I mean the audacity to say he does not want to warm up and come on to help his team out in their hour of need is just unbelievable.

It would be the equivalent of me saying: “Sorry boss, I’m in the mood to work today but I still expect my pay packet on Friday.”

Tevez will probably face a hefty fine but what will that matter to a man who earns £250,000-a-week? The club need to come down much harder on him.

I’m not a City fan but I was disgusted by his actions and to me he epitomises the overriding feeling in the street that footballers are just money-grabbing mercenaries.

Money, not football, is the be all and end all and players are just interested in the bumper contracts they can secure with no thought to the history of the club they are playing for.

But this is the monster that the Man City owners and Mancini have created and it is ultimately up to them to rectify the situation.

Tevez should never be part of the match-day squad from now until January and he should train on his own until they can ship him out.

I would not even play him with the reserves or kids because I would not want them to be infected by his disgusting attitude.

The City faithful idolised Tevez last season and rightly so because he was their player of the year but I would be amazed if they still have the same love for him after he effectively turned his back on the club.

Carlos Tevez you are a disgrace to football and I hope you never step foot on a Premier League pitch ever again!

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  • Rob Fielding

    Never let him play for CITY again.
    Maximum possible club fine.
    Do not sell him…he can see his contract out playing for the reserves.
    CITY fans are the most loyal fans about & will never forgive this treachery.

  • George Vickers

    This incident with Tevez has overshadowed other important issues related to the game in which two perfectly good penalties were not awarded. Indeed prior to the match the vibes coming from Germany were that these upstarts Manchester City cannot be allowed to beat Bayern Munic which makes one wonder to what lengths these powerfull people will stoop to to ensure a win. When you look at the money involved to build their magnificent stadium with its immense capacity you can understand why they consider they must win no matter what the cost. In this age of advanced technology important decisions which can directly affect the outcome of the game should not be made by the referee alone. Not only because the referee is open to bribery or corruption he may also may not have a good view of all incidents requiring a decision. Also one has to wonder why footballs governing bodies are so reluctant to allow technology into a game which is rife with controversial and downright bad decision making .Example last World Cup England lost due to a perfectly good goal being disallowed. This is just one incident of many and perhaps examples of incidents like this should be collated and used to apply pressure to the governing bodies to force the use of technology in the game.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    Pot kettle black. Bayern 2 city 0, read the papers or the last city blog which received over 160 comments.

    As for Tevez, I’d take him at Arsenal any day

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