Harry Redknapp – football’s biggest hypocrite?

by Paul Connolly

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Harry Redknapp, who spent most of last week aiming poisonous verbal darts in the direction of Manchester City manager, Roberto Mancini, last night went on live television to try to get the FA to take retrospective action against Mario Balotelli for an alleged stamp on Scott Parker during City’s dramatic win against Spurs.

Funny, I thought Harry was against managers trying to get players sent off, even retrospectively. After all, didn’t he criticise Mancini for waving imaginary cards from the touchline? But somehow it’s OK to try to get players sent off if you’re Harry Redknapp. What nauseating hypocrisy.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the alleged target of Balotelli’s heel hadn’t been the thuggish Parker, who spent most of the game chasing David Silva around, kicking lumps out of him. What about Parker, Harry? Should retrospective action be taken against him?

Of course not. Redknapp is national disgrace. Let’s hope the FA never see fit to appoint him as England manager.

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  • thrillhammer

    Ive got 2 words you sad cockney fuckwits

    Al capone!!!!!!!

    He cant manage locked up the tax dodging crooked cockney retard lol

  • jonas

    great call.agree 1-0%. parker was hacking at david all game and flying into challenges exactley like the one kompany got sent off for. all u guys who disagree are dicks

  • viktor

    Great stuff, agree 100 %

  • http://newsnow iti john

    Sorry Mario ban is coming and its time you got your act together.Dont give fergurskum or con arry{seemed to remember Huddleson putting the boot in last season and arry forgot to mention that)any more amo just do your ban and win the league for us.Souness if i can remember nearly finished a Russian player career but hey he has a short memory.Mancini is out of order with his cards but did you hear arry repeat what ferguskum had said hes done it before on tv .Never mind what goes round will come round to them and shreik

  • Mario Balotelli


  • P.Harold@ink.co.uk

    Top call, Harry shitnap needs a wake up call, maybe a month or two in the clink for taking bungs will give him the reality check he needs! Not worthy of being England manager ever!

  • Damancu

    Spurs situation – simple – call back Adebayor. Pay Spurs back what they paid in the loan fee and add him to City’s squad. If Harry wants Balotelli to miss 4 games, City can use Adebayor instead. See how Spurs like that.

  • sauronss2

    harry redknapp is hypocrite. he has his rights. freedom of views!

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