Has the Craig Bellamy extravaganza paid off?

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Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

With a team that boasts the likes of Jay Bothroyd, Michael Chopra and Peter Whittingham many would have thought that throwing last season’s best Premiership player into the starting 11 would see Cardiff City run away with the league. There’s no doubt that on paper the Bluebirds are a terrific outfit. Maybe the best in the league. But, to steal an old cliché, a game is never won on paper.

The way Cardiff City were scrutinised in the media and slated by other football fans it seemed as if signing Craig Bellamy was the too big a move to stomach. Claims that the club shouldn’t have been allowed to lure such a highly talented player out of the celebrated and righteous Premiership to a lowly Championship outfit were all ill-informed. In actual fact the move was one that was completely motivated by the Welshman’s desire to join his hometown club and propel them into the Premiership.

The day he signed Bellamy told the press, “I wanted to come back at the top of my game. I’ve come down to the Championship willing to put my neck on the line”.

Fair enough?

As the rumours of one of the most unexpected transfer to date began to circle several days before that press conference, one ‘Premier League club official’ put plain and simply what it seemed every football fan was thinking, “He has so much to offer the Premier League”. Of course he has. No Man City fan is going to forget his two wonder goals against Man United any time soon. So what can he offer the Championship was the big question? Well, we all know the answer to that but the question is, what has he offered?

It was spelled out from day one that it would take time for Bellamy to get fit and Cardiff fans also found out that because of past knee injuries he was limited to one game a week. In one of the most demanding leagues in European football how much of Craig Bellamy were Cardiff fans actually going to see?

From 29 games played Bellamy has appeared 19 times, scoring eight goals along with five assists. Out of the 19 games he has appeared in the Welsh capital have won 12 times and have failed to take anything away only five times.

But eight goals in 19 games is hardly the ‘set-the-world-alight’ form many were expecting from him. He is also guilty of disappearing from the game and only really showing his elusive talent in certain spells. However, without him the team miss his leadership. A leadership that demands nothing but the best from his team mates. Just ask John Arne Riise what happens if you fail to put in a shift.

Although he hasn’t shone through on the goal front his all round influence has been pivotal to Cardiff’s attacking splendor. And what Bluebirds fan is going to be unsatisfied when he pulls out an 85th minute screamer in a local derby?

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  • Jordan Record

    great article, so true, too many fans just look at stats but what bellamy offers the team on and off the field is as vital to Cardiffs promotion push. i also feel that the players around him have raised there game as a result of hin just being around the club

  • Tom

    Bellamy looked alright on Sunday with that goal against Swansea!

    Good write up, will post on the CCFC message board

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