Hatton’s got a puncher’s chance.

by Dexy Longshot

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

This weekend is a very special one for me, I love my footy but i’ve had this jotted in my little black for months. It’s the weekend when Ricky Hatton will finally shut that lippy yank up for good. It is definately the biggest fight we’ve had since Lennox was numero uno. The last couple of years have seen us get back on track with 7 world champs but Ricky is head and shoulders above the rest and if he can take out Mayweather, he will be crowned best pound for pound fighter in the world.

With more mouth than Blackwall tunnel, Floyd Mayweather is the US equivalent of Chris Eubank (without the lisp), the fans love to hate him, half the US want him to lose & even his Dad who’s a ringer for the Predator as been slagging him off.
27 Billion Mancs are travelling over to the states on Saturday. The British invasion will definately help Ricky, not that he’ll need it. Bling King Mayweather’s rehearsed Ali wannabee putdowns have been backfiring as Ricky is a naturally quick witted northern lad. A classic a few days back was trash talking Mayweather’s;

“I’m gonna make Hatton my bitch”, what a wordsmith.

Hatton came back; “Well, i have got a fantastic bum!” Quality!

The press have mixed reviews on the condition of Mayweather as well. In the gym he looks in great shape and his handspeed is a sight to behold. I’ve been to Sin City and my own handspeed tripled after all those hours I put in down Spearmint Rhinos and Crazy Horse, wahheeeyyyy!!!!

The truth is, Mayweather has got the handskills & speed (although a few reports are saying he is having a bit of trouble with them). He’s been at the top of game for a decade and was the best but I doubt he has ever met a more determinined fighter than Hatton who will keep going and going putting him under emence pressure in the first half of the fight. Mayweather will not have felt body punches as hard as Hattons and will probably run away in the first few rounds like a big pansy.

What i’m worried about is the later stages of the fight. If Hatton ain’t got the upper hand or knocked him sparko by 7 or 8, i think Mayweathers experience will come into play, picking him of and dancing away. Another factor is Hattons history when it comes to cuts. Rickys boat has seen more sticthes than Rick Wallers tailor (more on crap-factor next week). He’s been carved up plenty of times in the past, most notably against Thaxton although recently, he got on board cabbie Mick “The Knife” Williamson, and he is the best cuts man in the business. Hopefully Mick won’t be needed Saturday, he may even pick up a few fares on the way back. It’s around 16/1 Ricky will be stopped on cuts.

I’ve got to go for a Hatton KO, 100/30, hopefully in the first 7. If he ain’t done the business by then Mayweather may take it on points. 10/11

Get your dukes up Ricky, we’ll all be rooting for you, go out there and give Floyd a proper hiding, we’re right behind yer (and your fantastic bum!)

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  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    I’m afraid I think our Ricky Boy will get mashed up big time! WOuld love to see him win but this dude looks like the real deal

  • Bazz

    I think the Rickstar will do it! This could be the biggest fight since Bruno rocked Tyson back in the 90’s, or was it the 80’s? ‘He’s hurt Tyson, go on Frank’ I remember it well!


    I think you may be right about the cuts, Ricky as had it before and i think mayweather may go in with nut early doors.

  • Mike

    Gayweather is a batty boy!

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