Have Arsenal really put their Carling Cup woes behind them?

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Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

ARSENAL fans were left dejected on Sunday evening after being edged out of the Carling Cup Final against Birmingham City at Wembley.

The club has had its fair share of disappointments over the years, and Arsene Wenger has had to continually defend his team’s record despite a lean trophy cabinet in the past six years.

But last night, the Gunners bounced back in style, swatting aside Leyton Oreint 5-0 in a polished production at the Emirates.

Wenger was keen to reiterate that his side had put behind them their Carling Cup Final defeat and are ready to re-focus their attentions on their domestic and European ambitions, and he went on to claim that each game itself acts as a ‘cup final’.

Quite coy from Mr Wenger. Unfortunately, he hasn’t quite mastered the mind games of the Premier League godfather aka Sir Alex Ferguson, who has conquered all before him.

Of course there is the point to be made that Wenger revolutionised the Premier League with his approach to the game and scientific techniques, but he is still presiding over a team that is a work-in-progress.

Without meaning to tread over old territory, Arsenal’s defence is brittle and they could be found wanting against an irresistible Barcelona side next week, which contains the likes of Messi and Xavi.

On the point of fixtures, March is a definitive month for the Gunners. While they are firmly involved in the engrossing title race, their next three fixtures in the space of week see them play Sunderland, Barca and their old foes, Manchester United in three different competitions.

Win all three and not only does the treble remain a viable achievement, but simultaneously, it puts to rest the idea that Arsenal have overcome their Carling Cup failure.

Those seven days will be the true marker, albeit May seems them take on United once again. Now is the time for Arsenal to do their business and talking on the pitch.

In the meantime, results such as Orient mask their Carling Cup Final incompetency.


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  • Darren

    it was only Orient.

    Bendtner looked world class last night. If he can do that against Sunderland & Barca then he really can start to believe his hype!

    Personally, I’d take win over Sunderland, Manure lose at Pool and we get knocked out on Tuesday.

    The league is more important right now

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