Highest paid footballers – Top 10

by Mystical Mike

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Who is the highest paid footballer in the world? Which player is indispensable to their club? First name on the team sheet? The total embodiment of their club.

Quite surprisingly the number one player is probably one of the most over rated players in world football today.

Here’s our top 10 definite list.

Top 10 highest paid players

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  • stevie

    what? Ibrahimovic? well over rated, plays in an average league too!

  • tef1on

    Ibrahimovic, Shevchenko, Lampard and Terry don’t deserve to be on that list!

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    Didn’t they loan Shevchenko out and he came straight back as he has completely lost it?

    Most of those on that list don’t deserve to be in that list. Apart from Messi of course

  • Dan Church

    Wheres Beckham ?? doesnt he get like £2m a week ???
    all that money to Ibrahimovic and he cant even get Milan past the last 32 of the champions league….. (i hope that doesnt come back to bite me tomorrow night)

  • Bosver

    What? Samuel Eto’o deserves it and even more,he is taking Barcelona to higher places with him being the highest goal scorer in the Spanish league(pitchitchi) so i think he and Messi are to get the same pay.

  • temzze

    messi iz supposed to be the highest after all he has done 4 barcelona. he might be the player of the year.

  • daniel123470

    truly he worth to be but hedid not score a single goal in the world cup

  • obah

    Rooney the man

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