Hodgson is the man for West Ham

by Big Fidge

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

I FEEL a bit sorry for Avram Grant. I have done ever since he came to these shores in 2006.

It’s amazing to think what the Israeli has been through in just five years in this country.

His appointments as Technical Director at Portsmouth and later Director of Football at Chelsea caused murmurs of discontent at both clubs among staff and fans. He just went about the job he was employed to do.

As a manager at Chelsea he finished second in the Premier League and reached the Champions League final and was sacked.

Back at Portsmouth he had to put up with transfer embargoes, points deductions, numerous takeovers and administration and still took them to the FA Cup final.
I kind of felt this guy deserved a break. His sad, droopy face makes him look like a dog on his last ever trip to the vets.

Even the backstabbing that has gone on at West Ham adds sympathy to his cause.
However, that sympathy is now fading fast. Grant may not be a miracle worker – no manager really is – but the squad he has at West Ham should be doing better.
In Green, Upson, Parker and Cole he has a spine of a team that are England internationals. He’s been allowed to strengthen, but those signings don’t seem convincing.

His saving grace was the club’s run in the Carling Cup. Their exit last night means that he no longer has that bush to hide behind.

Grant is now standing out in the wide open and those sights that weren’t already on him are closing in fast.
Without the protection of the cup, he surely only has a handful of games to save his job.

West Ham cannot afford to go down.

As a replacement, Martin O’Neill is now obviously out of the question. And while the shadow of Sam Allardyce looms large, there is another out-of-work boss who would suit the Hammers and their current predicament.

Step forward, Roy Hodgson.

The 63-year-old is a Londoner, for starters. He’s also vastly experienced in European football and he took a club of similar stature to the Hammers – Fulham – and solidified them, even if they weren’t world beaters.

His reputation may be slightly tarnished because of the Liverpool affair.
But let’s remember this: Hodgson’s record at Liverpool (41.94 per cent wins) was actually better than at Fulham (39.06 per cent).

His ability as a manager never changed, just the level of expectation on him.
And I think he could be the man to get West Ham out of the bottom three.

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  • http://www.dexysden.co.uk Bill

    You must be a Tottenham Supporter 🙂

  • John J

    I agree re Hodgson – if he showed even the slightest interest, I’d snap his hand off if it was my decision to make. But the two Daves have made their decision to ‘stick by’ Grant now, and I can’t see them changing there minds any time soon.

    Last night’s game was disappointing, but not unusual. We played so well in the first half, we should and could have been home and dry by half time. But McLeish, as he had at the first leg, managed to motivate a big improvement for the second half, which it seemed our players, and Grant, had no answer for.

    Grant can’t be blamed for every problem we’ve had this season, but I’m not confident that he’s the man that can save us from the drop.

  • Shiv Bagga

    While I feel sorry for Grant, I am somewhat disappointed with the David’s. Karen is much more focused and driven and I wish they would give her the opportunity to shape the future. If she was listened to we could have arguably secured the services of the best manager in the Premier league. Martin O’Neal is worth his weight in gold and would have risen to the challenge and taken pride in ensuring success for the club and the long suffering passionate supporters. Martin, if I could speak to him, we need you and hope you will reconsider and become our saviour. This is your challenge to show the world how great football man you are.

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