How Chelsea will win the title

by Jack Hayes

Monday, March 29th, 2010

It seems like its that time of the season when all pundits try their hand at a bit of mystic meg, so I decided that this week I’m going to have a go myself. I mean how hard can it be?

First off I’ll try and predict where the title is heading;

Next week I can see Arsenal beating Wolves comfortably, and then the big one, Man Utd v Chelsea, if United do win then there will only be one winner, but with Chelsea’s recent form I’ve got this one down as a draw, with Lampard cancelling out Rooney’s opener.

With Blackburn only losing two games at home I can see them battling to earn a draw with Utd, but Chelsea on the other hand will have no problem in dealing with Bolton at home. Arsenal will create chance after chance against Spurs only to see them all squandered by Niko Bendtner, but Tommy V will come back from his suspension and head the winner in the 94th minute.
Carlos Tevez will inevitably come back to haunt United, Bellamy will terrorise Nev all game and future England star Adam Johnson will run the show, however Rooney will equalise in the 432nd minute of the game after Fergy refuses to allow the ref to blow until they score. Chelsea will put another dent in their battle for 4th by scraping a 2-1 win. The Gunners will put 6 past the unpredictable Wigan leaving the table as thus: (all 3 have played 35 games)

Chelsea +56 78pts
Arsenal +50 77pts
Man Utd +51 75pts

In the shock of the season Emmanuel Adebayor heads the winner for Arsenal as City visit the Emirates, Ade runs 70yards to celebrate in front of the confused City fans. Clearly he wasn’t ‘loved’ enough at City. United will end Spurs hopes of the Champions league with a comfortable 2-0 win and Chelsea will overcome Rory Delap FC at the Bridge.

Blackburn will again prove difficult to beat with Arsenal happy to come away from Ewood park with a point, United will however make light work of Sunderland with a Rooney brace cancelling out an early Kieran Richardson free kick. The game of the week however is at Anfield where Stevie G punches not just the ref, but both linesmen and the fourth official for good measure, but as the ref saw it the FA takes no action. But Fergy doesn’t care as Torres steals a point and puts a dent in Chelsea’s title push.

On the last day of the season, Arsenal demolish Fulham as they have their minds on the Europa league final, United beat Stoke as Fergy sends the ball boys out with cans of WD40 to neutralise the Delapidator. However Chelsea demolish Wigan and win the title by a point!

Final table:
Chelsea    +62  85
Man Utd +57  84
Arsenal +54 84

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  • Marcus Balham

    Marvellous. You have predicted a dream but I may not be scared of but still fear nightmares. Demolish Wigan with Malouda, this years star out of the Blue…., cleaning up. Marvellous

  • dexylongshot

    well , judging by the way Rooney was just carted of, i bet chelsea and arsenal are rubbing there mitts together. i still think arsenal have a really good chance especially if wayne is out for a month, i just hope it isn’t a ligament or that’s my world cup ticks well truely xxxxxx!

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