How long before Manchester City do a Leeds United?

by Mystical Mike

Friday, October 1st, 2010

City announce record losses of £121.3 million.

City owner Sheikh Mansour of Abu Dhabi is determined to end Manchester City’s 34 year trophy drought, despite one of the heaviest financial loses in Premier League history. Having spent over 300 million on players, City lost a further 92.5m from the previous year.

“Two years ago I was fortunate enough to become part of the Manchester City story and I remain grateful for the warmth of the welcome that you have given me,” Said Sheikh Mansour on the club’s website.

“The ownership of a club like Manchester City, with such a rich heritage and diverse community of stakeholders, carries a unique set of obligations to the fans, staff and broader Manchester community. This is something I do not take lightly.”

“Therefore the challenge I set my board and executive leadership team is to develop City so that it is one of the most successful clubs both on and off the pitch, but to do so without losing any of the characteristics that make it so special.”

City’s wage bill rose from £83 to £133m, although the club can boast a 400% profit with new attractive sponsorship deals.

Qualification for next seasons Champions League is a must if City are to meet UEFA’s new financial fair play rulings which are introduced next year. Failing to do so, could see Sheikh Mansour lose patience with the club, and consequently could see the club nose dive down the leagues.

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  • Pete D Stockport

    What a poor piece, cut and paste a news story from another site, and then make a poorly researched premise with no understanding of the true situation. Have a look at the investment around the ground that Sheikh Mansour has made, and the continued investment in Manchester, sorry to disapoint all you City haters, but this is not a man that will walk away.

  • gary cosgrove

    never! our backer aint no del boy (peter risdale)

  • Ben Tomenson

    How do a “LEEDS UNITED” exactly. You have a stupidly wealthy backer! Leeds needed CL for the income to pay the loans for Rio, Seth Johnson, Fowler ECT. Failed to qualify and the troubles started. Leeds took a gamble. If City dont qualify or win something Sheik Mansour will sack your manager and plow more money in. Its a totaly different situatuion!

    Liverpool are more like leeds as their owners dont have a lot of money to thrown at the club. they need to qualify for certain competitions to keep the club at that level.

  • Stevie

    what happens if the money dries up and your owners do get bored? It could happen, they aint gonna keep throwing money into a club that has no guarantee of winning a trophy or even qualifying for the CL. It’s a business, and success on the pitch is vital!

    You lot would be in serious shit! Like a rich mans Portsmouth!


    @Gary, no income tax, no VAT!!!!!!!

  • Scotty

    Sheikh Mansour is going nowhere in either the short or the long term, it’s wishful thinking from fans of other clubs, one in particular. Furthermore, stevie, the past has proven that teams that splash the cash, generally win the trophies, apart of course from the trafford debtors who have never spent any money in their illustrious ‘history’.

  • ben richards

    to be fair, this is a very poor piece, only happened to look at it as it came up on the newsnow page for leeds. it’s funny, how much sour grapes there is now that “citeh” can become a force in english football (once more!) from teams such as liverpool… ok, sour grapes from liverpool fans. incidentally. it’s ‘funny’ how manchester united got away with completely outspending eveyone for years on end without anyone batting an eyelid isn’t it?

    as far as i can see citeh HAVE got it sorted, great stadium, rich and committed backer, a good manager and a great mix of top european and young english players!

    good luck to man city, it’d be quality for a team to upset the big three, just hope there’s a sheikh around the corner for leeds united…!

  • Darren

    Champions League = TV money, bonuses

    World Class players who will want to play for you not just for the huge wages you are playing.

    No business man in their right mind would make huge loses without anything in return

  • grizzler

    How long does it take for a multi billionaires money to dry up then ? He makes more in one month than his total expenditure on City so far, dont think he is overly concerned if im honest, which I am

  • Brian

    Poor piece is right , £1bn is the outlay for the leisure centre around the ground if you can couple that with champions leauge football you have massive profits
    It’s simple any business needs money to start up and what city has planned is massive. They are looking at hosting the semi final of the world cup should England win the bid and will get it when you see the building plans.

  • It’s Grim Oop North

    This article is so shallow it’s unbelievable.

    The sheik has in effect bought a large chunk of East Manchester, and is property developing it, with MCFC as a focal point.

    This will earn him billions of pounds in the long term, so why would he get bored of that??

    He has to spend big now, to reap the benefits later, like all property developers and business people.

    The football is a nice little sideline indeed.

    Think it through next time, and do a little research.

  • The Wicker Man

    Utterly clueless. Desperation will lead to this jealousy overload. Sheikh Mansour & ADUG are using City as a vehicle to promote Abu Dhabi. It’s called long term planning. Oil will eventually run out and they want tourism in Abu Dhabi to exceed that of Dubai. Worldwide coverage of the Premier League (& other sporting events that no doubt you are unaware of) will ensure huge coverage for Abu Dhabi for years to come. Success on the pitch at a price will pail into insignificance at the income being generated through tourism so they will spend whatever they can at City to ensure success. 1 Billion is earmarked for the area around the ground’s re-generation. You ain’t seen nothing yet ! They may walk away one day but it won’t be in mine or your lifetime, hope this compounds your misery.

  • gary

    if he leaves you lot are knackered and will be in a worse state than leeds were,they now are fighting there way back up after all the debts and in a year or two hopefully will be back in the prem as a club with no debts,you lot would be in serious trouble if he left, he is nt at city cos he s a fan or supporter of them , there will be a reason why he there, and it wont be forever, so enjoy it whilst it lasts and hope he dont leave you in the lurch with big debts and wage bills, gary leeds fan

  • http://Newsnow Teeth

    What a strange article comparing a club who borrowed heavily from banks etc to a club who has an unbelievably wealthy owner who encourages getting the players his manager wants come what may and he will foot the bill. As a Leeds fan myself I understand why it could be bad for football but in reality it only pushes player prices up if man city are interested in the player-in that respect it only affects man city or a club who may also be looking at the same player- but this has always gone on in football where the wealthier or more successful club has an advantage. I do think lots of fans moan through jealousy however when their club gets an overinflated price for a player which enables the team to get a couple or three decent players with the money they must see the positives. I think the bellamy situation highlights the disadvantages of financial clout- he won’t go anywhere on permanent transfer when he can only get half thecwages if he’s lucky!
    Liverpool however i see as the next Leeds no doubt!
    Good luck to man city I say!

  • john

    if any club can afford to run up such huge losses its city and good luck to them i say..prem league has been dominated by the big 4 for to long..i hope city win everything it will be good for english football…it amazes me at the jealous nature of football fans..i hope someone steps in to my beloved leeds and does the same thing..good luck go get them

  • Paul C

    The premise of this piece just seems ridiculous to me. There is no comparison between City and Leeds. Their situations are completely different. It is true both clubs have had a turbulent past and the finances at City may not seem very sensible but that is where the similarity ends. What we should remember though is that the wealth that Mansour has is staggering , it makes Abramovich look like a pauper in comparison!

    As a Leeds fan I wish City well , their fans like us, have had to put up with crap from their club over the years and staggering arrogance and over spending from their hated rivals in nearby Trafford must have hurt like hell. I say they should go for it, let the Sheikh spend whatever he likes, I am sure they will get it right and I look forward to the time when the so called ‘big four’ is shaken up for good. Liverpool are now out of contention there is a vacant position. Once City establish themselves as a CL regular – which they will – the top European players will start to join and then watch them go. Leeds missed their opportunity. They threw it all the way and are now in the hands of goodness knows who without a pot to p*** in. Totally different situations. Good Luck City and their fans , I look forward to seeing your guys taking over at the top of the EPL , if it isnt ever going to be Leeds I would much rather it was you.

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