How Much Would Spurs Take For Gareth Bale?

by Gossip Gordon

Friday, November 5th, 2010

It’s funny how quickly transfer speculation spreads. Two weeks ago, Gareth Bale was just an in-form left-winger playing for Tottenham. It was a simple as that. Now, he’s the hottest property in Europe and has to ‘clarify’ his future in regards to interest from Barcelona, Real Madrid and friends. How much would you put his value at now? I think the kid has the ability to be a world-class player but putting him in this category is being a bit too keen at the moment. That said, if he were English, perhaps he would be ‘world class’ already….

The Real Talking Points

Gareth Bale, fresh from Maicon a fool out of a not-so Brazil-liant right-back, could be subject of bids in the region of £50 million in the summer, in tabloid reports are to be believed. Real Madrid and Barcelona are interested, although Spurs have said that they are not looking to sell. Meanwhile, Barcelona are also being linked with Luka Modric as an alternative to Cesc Fabregas. I guess they’re getting a little tired of Fab’s Spanish rendition of ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’.

Bastian Schweinsteiger is said to have delayed contract talks with Bayern Munich until January. The German, so impressive at this year’s World Cup, is interesting Manchester United and Chelsea.

Big News If It Happens

Liverpool will move for Athletico Bilbao’s Fernando Llorente if namesake Torres leaves. The reds are also being linked with Sampdoria and Italy striker Antonio Cassano and Shaun Wright Phillips who, according to The Independent, is also being offered a staggering £100K-a-week to stay at Manchester City. I am not sure what’s more shocking – someone wanting to buy SWP, or someone wanting to pay him more money for consistent mediocrity.

Marek Hamsik claims that Manchester United are watching him. The talented Napoli midfielder captained Slovenia at the World Cup. Could he be the heir to Paul Scholes? United are also said to be looking at Chile winger Alexis Sanchez.

Arsenal appear to be the favourites in the race to sign Werder Bremen playmaker Marko Marin.

Juventus may bid for Liverpool’s Glen Johnson. It says a lot about Italian football when Italians, noted for their defending, start targeting an English right-back whose best attributes are going forward.

News That’s Barely Interesting

Michael Owen may quit Manchester United to play in MLS.

Finally – Joker of the week…

…goes to Paul Robinson. The Blackburn keeper said this week that he would welcome a return to England should Fabio Capello leave. In case you haven’t noticed Robbo, we’ve got this lad called Hart in goal who, thus far, has demonstrated the ability to come off his line – something you never mastered.

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  • inthe realworld

    Perhaps the source of the statement ” Gareth Bale, fresh from Maicon a fool out of a not-so Brazil-liant right-back, will only be sold for £50 million, say Spurs.” might be a shade too embarrassing fir the so-called author. All official comments from Spurs senior officials have stated that Bale is NOT for sale. In all commentsd from Spurs it is obviouslt that no fee has been stated and so where this figure of £50 million has been conjured up from appears to be a complete fabrication. \When will slimeball wannabes learn thgat making something up is nothingf more than a DELIBERATE LIE which only hights the writer’s inadequacies.

  • ParkLane67

    The Spurs quote was that he would NOT be sold, not even for £50 million! Please stop your mis-quoting!

  • Dave

    Bale & Modric have both said they don’t want to go. Spurs have said they don’t want to sell them. End of story! There was no talk of a price from Spurs, so, if I were you, whichever newsnow thread you went to, to pick that lie up from, I would think twice before doing that again.

    …….. oh and you need more than 1 able goalkeeper in the England squad. Robbo is in great form and if Hart gets injured, would be my pick to deputise.

    Other than that, great blog!

  • Gossip Gordon

    Fair points both, although I would say that I didn’t say Spurs wanted to sell Bale, or Modric for that matter. I’ve reworded the opening paragraph to avoid the confusion.

    I used to rate Robinson but not so much anymore. Granted, he’ll make some great saves – just don’t expect him to help relieve any pressure from his defenders in a six-year box…

  • Gossip Gordon

    Chill out intherealworld – Don’t think you get that this blog is based on rumours. I merely report on other people’s news! See below…

  • Mystical Mike

    I’ll be honest and say Gareth Bale is probably the most exciting player in Europe at present, not the best, just the most exciting.

    When he has done it for 3 years and not 3 months only then can we truly say the kid is world class.

    Don’t forget, this is the same GB that once went a whole season without being in a winning Spurs team!

  • Acton_Yid

    Man Ure are SKINT…where are they getting all this money to buy the Hamsik’s and Suarez’s of this world ? Knocking off a jeweller’s in the Arnedale Shopping centre won’t net enough cash to buy either of them…Face it, Scholesy will be playing till he’s 50 while Man Ure repay their burgeoning debts…

  • Peter King Oloo

    So gr8t 2 have the Spuds finally talking abt something other than the almighty Arsenal. It ws really getting monotonous!
    Bt let me give ya’ll some wisdom frm across the road; Don’t rate ur lads in 3months, rate him after two consistent & awesome seasons. If he can get u one or two points frm Arsenal by then, then we can talk abt having him in more productive & rewarding surroundings!

  • Ben McAleer

    If he can get u one or two points frm Arsenal by then, then we can talk abt having him in more productive & rewarding surroundings!

    Much like the 3 he got from Arsenal at the end of last season?

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