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by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Footballnutra.

Footballnutra brings quality, cutting edge nutrition products to football players of all levels.

Footballnutra offers better nutrition which can help players improve performance, recover quicker and play more football.

The range of drinks, capsules and daily health have been specifically designed to benefit football players because Footballnutra is just dedicated to football nutrition.

Daily Health helps maintain healthy bones, cartilage, brain, heart and joints (all essential on and off the pitch).

Drinks and Capsules are divided into Before, During and After football.

The capsules provide vitamin, electrolyte and mental energy boosts and can either be swallowed for immediate effect, or twisted open into any drink.

The Before and During drinks give a player longer lasting and quicker acting energy. They both contain blends of carbohydrate and protein for endurance and power on the pitch. The After drink quickly repairs sore muscles and boosts recovery. All the products can be used in any combination.

Footballnutra launched in July by helping grassroots players across the UK break three world records, including a marathon 75 hour football match. Almost 4,000 servings of Footballnutra products were used.

Footballnutra’s focus is now firmly on helping players across the UK get the most out of their football.

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  • http://wearheadunitedfc derek elliott

    we would like to win the footballnutra products because i need all the help i can with my players to try and win more games. anything that will give them more energy would be great.

  • InWengerwerust

    yes please. we’ve been Lucazade but it makes my team a bunch of farters.

    So we would love to win these products to improve the smell in the changing rooms

  • JJ

    I believe my team should win this amazing prize as we always give 100%, and with Footballnutra we can give 120%!!

  • dexylongshot


  • phil

    as Dexy days, munch, munch, munch I love Monster Munch, but not as much as FootballNutra!!!!!!!!!


  • Graham Bedford

    After last season and not winning a game, i think footballnutra would give my players that extra yard.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Old-Thorntonians-FC/166700596731777 Osric

    We’d love to win a supply of Footballnutra because we just missed out on promotion last season in the AFC league. Fitness/nutrition is an area we’ve identified as a key reason – Footballnutra is the solution and will help us win the division outright! Oh and we’re a grassroots club through and through who play in the AFC league so all help is much appreciated!

  • Michael Rose-Hartwell

    Hi, my team AFC Kumazi Strikers (Reserves) should win a supply of Footballnutra, because have done amazingly well last season and we need to keep the momentum going to be promoted and hopefully overtake the first team in terms of division position. We were only formed last season and due to us doing so well, we have been promoted from the 5th division and now play in the 3rd division, so we really need the Footballnutra supplies to keep up the high performance and battle it out in our new division, which we hope to win!!

  • http://www.shalfordfc.co.uk Andy Rudman

    Shalford FC U18s will benefit very much from a supply of these products as it will establish the right nutrition/hydration habits with a young group of players who look to have a very bright future in the game as well developing good awareness of the link between diet/health and performance.

  • Oliver

    We haven’t won a game for 2 seasons, we have started to use UKFf for new players, so with the combination of those new players and Football Nutra we may well have a decent chance of re writing history!

  • http://LeagueRepublicPontllanfraithSpartans Michael Temby


    We as a club would love to win this product as like every other post on this site it would only improve our teams performance, and being in the rugby loving country which is Wales it is hard enough just to get 11 matching shirts and 2 nets to play football. So the luxury of footballnutra would be a great help in hopefully our future success as a football team, club , family.

  • http://westernjuniorsobonfacebook western juniors

    it would be nice to win something for thelads,we play sat and sun,most players at college and unemployed,we find it difficult to make ends meet, but a good spirit,have to find a 1.000 pounds to pay for our pitch,but won our opening games, like something to take the pressure off.

  • http://www.sportingfc.co.uk Paula

    I would like our team to win this. We play in a deprived are where unemployment is the second highest in Birmingham. The team had a bad start to the season with their manager leaving, players leaving and morale was very low. They now have an excellent new manager who has bought the team together, some new players and they are starting to enjoy training again. They have played some great matches and we are so proud of them!!! We intend to bring the grassroots back to football to a time when football was enjoyed for fun – this prize would make their day!!

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