Howard Webb has hung up his United Jersey.

by Sarah

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

Once upon a time there was a manager call Alex, he won games by intimidation and instilling fear into opponents and referees.
The fairytale however came to an end when his successor David arrived and couldn’t replace what was the backbone of the dominant English side.
All joking aside, over the last twenty plus seasons United have dominated the league FA cup and have become one of the biggest most recognised clubs in the world. This was all down to one man, Alex Ferguson.
All the other clubs and fans were said to be bitter and jealous of the success he brought to Manchester and that the observations made by the clubs were down to those reasons.
The end of last season marked the changing of the guard where Everton’s manager David Moyes was handed the baton but with the start to this season it’s looking like he’s dropped it already.
The transfer window was all about trying to find an adequate replacement for Paul Scholes, which was a tough ask. Moyes decided that ex Arsenal star and Barcelona mid fielder Cesc Fabregas was his man. Fair play to his persistence but really David did you honestly think there was a hope in hell?
Regardless of money and success that seems to come with a big United move there was too much uncertainty surrounding a whole new regime at Old Trafford to give up playing with the most talented players in the world. Would anybody really swap Xavi and Inesta to play with Carrick and Cleverly?
With no success deadline day saw a desperate last minute move for his Everton midfielder Fallani, while he was a talented player for the Mersey siders there was a huge question mark over if he was going to be a little fish in a big pond.
Liverpool is always one of the biggest games in the calendar for the Old Trafford faithful and that really showed the gaps in Moyes’s side, losing to Liverpool proved too tough for them. The same happened against Chelsea neither team really performing but still no zip to United’s game.
Moyes also criticised having such a difficult start to a season have three big games so early on, that wouldn’t have happened in Fergie’s era, newly promoted teams only to start off was the norm.
The Manchester Derby arrived and City wiped the floor with United losing 4-1 and Rooney the only player that seemed to turn up on the day.
The referees were always in question when Ferguson was in charge and now it seems even the heavily criticised Howard Webb has jumped ship, booking Valencia for diving and misconduct towards the officials.
It is now becoming clearer to everyone that Manchester United’s dominance can be attributed to one man. That’s not saying that the teams of the past were not extremely talented the treble winning side of ‘99 more so than any but the drive and determination instilled into those players will never be replaced.
It will be very interesting to see now that the playing field seems to have been evened out with Ferguson’s departure. Moyes’s feet seem too small to fill the boots left behind by Sir Alex.

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  • rat fans

    good blog and I totally agree. Sir Alex could get the best out of crap players, John O Shea, Tom Cleverly anyone?

    Watching United this year is actually quite funny. They remind me of Arsenal over the last few season, a few world class players surrounded by average sides. How many of that current side would get into the Arsenal side now? RVP, Rooney and Vidic? Thats a about it.

    Oh how times are changing, and we are loving it!

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