I feel so sorry for Carlos Tevez

by Michael Somerville

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Carlos Tevez has once again missed training with Manchester City; hardly the words to conjure up sympathy within the ranks of football supporters. ‘How could anyone be depressed on a million a month?’ ‘£198,000 a week. Depressing times indeed’ said disgruntled readers on the Daily Mirror’s website.

There’s been a lot of confusion and scratching of heads since Tevez’ latest decision to leave Manchester and return to his homeland Argentina. We’ve heard bland statements from his management representatives, they said “This is an ongoing matter and we will not be making further comment.”

Why is it so difficult to imagine that Carlos Tevez is indeed depressed and cannot face another week playing for or sitting on the bench for Manchester City?

Is it because that Money (that’s right, with a capital M) equals happiness is the watertight theory of the 21st century?

I don’t believe that theory for a minute.

Depression is a serious topic and it is real. Look at other sportsman who suffer from the illness of depression such as Marcus Trescothick, Michael Yardy and Shaun Tait. Nobody ever gave them a hard time in the media when they pulled out of their respective sports to take time out.

I can understand why people would respond to Tevez’ latest ‘excuse’ with strong sceptism, but I feel we have to respond with nothing other than compassion.

Give Carlos a break. He is away from his family, is in a demanding job, is away from the sunshine, wants to leave but is not allowed to.

Next time he plays football for Manchester City applaud him, don’t boo him. He lights up the League with his skill and verve and deserves to be appreciated.

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    try working on the site from morning til night, is that living alright, living alright?

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