I guess that’s why they call it the Blues

by Dexy Longshot

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Chelsea throw their toys at Avram

Well, what a cup final last Sunday, old square jawed Spanish miracle worker Ramos (El Brick jaw) winning the London Final against the West End sulkers. I’m not the biggest fan of Chelsea or Tottenham but found that I was rooting for the front wheel skids when in extra time (I hope my boys ain’t reading this). It made a refreshing change to see someone other than the big 4 get their hands on some silverware.

However, this has in turn seen a bit of a backlash down the Kings Road. Avram has taken The Blues that bit further since the special one was sent packing. He has quietly gone about his business and improved the team he inherited from Jose. The thing with Chelski is, even in this seasons absence of Drog, Frank, Tel & The African Nation bods at various times, they were still undefeated since Arsenal beat them 1-0 before Christmas and were in position for an unprecedented quad of trophies…. until the weekend that is. A few incidences have occurred over the past few days which Chelsea fans cannot be too happy about. Here are a few things I myself would like to comment on. Feel free to comment on them yourself.

It has emerged all is not well in The Blues camp. Captain John Terry had rumble with Ten Cate the day before the final and had to be separated by other players right in front of Roman. The squad was not told the line up until Sunday afternoon giving them less time to prepare and a few of the players are on tender hooks over the current bad feeling at the club. Roman would not be impressed with this atmosphere, he has paid large for Chelsea success and will want silverware, The Champions League trophy being the biggy, especially it being held in Moscow this May. Will the Russian keep faith with The Israeli if he fails in bringing any cups to the club at all at the end of the season?


What was Avram doing with Anelka out on the left? I thought Nik the frog was a decent 12/1 ew bet for top goal scorer when he signed, but the brilliance of Ronaldo & Adebayour in recent weeks has probably blown the frog out of the water. Anelka & Drogba are very similar forwards who usually play in the same areas but I still thought Grant would start him up front where he is at his most dangerous, this is after all, one of the best players in Europe. He and Drogba together is frightening, why hasn’t he tried it as a front 2? I bet El Brick jaw coughed on his Tapas when he saw the line-up especially with no Joe Cole or Ballack either, both who have been in fine form of late. Gracios El Granto.

Sorry Avram, your negativity got it wrong for this and the aftermath could be devastating. Chelsea to win nothing is definitely worth a Blue.

Oh and finally, poor Cashley had to find out he wasn’t playing through a newspaper and confronted Grant about it. When Larry Grayson confirmed it, Ashley did a Paddy (not another hairdresser) and stormed of failing to turn up at the team hotel and subsequently got the El Bow from the Chelsea 16 to face Juande’s Hotspurts.

Ashley, a word in your shell-like:
It’s a squad Ashley, a team game, you have no devine right to play week in, week out, especially when you have Wayne Bridge coming up the rear (no pun intended). Sorry but you have become a laughing stock, where is the world-class fullback who used to keep Ronaldo in his pocket? What happened to the No 3 who used to rampage down the left flank in Japan 2002 earning a place in the worlds best 11? This fame lark has really gone to your head and is destroying you as a player.

Since you left Arsenal in the midst of Cashley gate, you have become a decent left back when you was once an untouchable left back. You definitely haven’t looked up to it in the last year of internationals, you used to glide past opponents but do it rarely now. Your current teams more defensive playing style is obviously part of the problem but would they trade you in now if Gael Clichy became available? Wenger may have spotted something wrong with your good self before everyone else (has he tends to do, see Henry, Viera, Pires, Freddie et all) and was glad to get shot.


Sort your life out son, return to your former self, your team needs you and your country needs you, get off the front pages and get yourself back on the back where you belong.

PS: No, I’m not an Arsenal fan.
PPS: Yes, I do think Cheryl is rather pretty.
PPS: I’m not jealous of Ashley Cole*

*Some things written here are not 100% truth.

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  • Tommo

    Fame has def gone to his head, a few years back we were comparing him to Roberto Carlos, arguably the best left back of all time, now is average at best.

    That image sums him up big time. A wannabe David Beckham without the compassion, intelligence and strength of character.

    Ashley Cole = first class cock

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    Here’s a classic example of greed is not good.

    Once loved by the Arsenal fans, this horrible excuse for a human being has become the most hated figure in football. Cole rarely makes the papers for his performances on the pitch. His on off marriage with the gorgeous Girls Aloud star has made him a complete laughing stock. He is greedy, cheats on his wife and sulks when he isn’t in the team. The Chelsea fans don’t really like him and do his team mates?

    And to think Wenger was loyal to him by playing him in the Champions league final after Flamini played the whole campaign without conceding a goal.

    If ever there was an example of Not how to live your life, then this is it.

    All that talent ruined by an ego so large it has made a joke out of a true world class player, who has now become very average indeed.

  • http://blog.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Aslan

    Avram is a waste of space. With the players at his disposal he has lost more times this season than murinho has in 2 seasons. He thinks he has control of the team but i doubt we’ll be seeing lampard or terry in the chelsea team in 3 years time. MARK MY WORDS. AVRAM IS CHELSEA’S DOWNFALL !!!

  • mikie

    what right to the Chavs have to think they should win every game, every cup?

    I hope they do a Leeds Utd!

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