If you were a sporting superhero, who would you be?

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

All of us dream of being a superhero! ‘The Superhero Workout’, the latest infographic from Body Aid Solutions; a leading provider of complete and recognised personal trainer courses, gives you a sneak peek into it.

With strong upper body strength, lightning reflexes and core body endurance, Spiderman takes on a range of exercises to improve his all-round strength. It’s not easy swinging from building to building.

Its not easy to gain the superpowers of Superman but by focusing on powerful movements and explosive strength, become a superman of your own.

Hulk is colossal compared to many other superheroes. Put on the size, bulk and strength of Hulk with heavy, explosive lifting that works the large muscle groups.

Catwoman is an impressive superhero, proving that the girls are just as good as the boys! Her accomplished martial arts and feline flexibility has seen her overcome many an enemy. Catwoman’s great balance, movement and fitness can be achieved across a range of exercises.

Batman has everything. As strong as he is quick-minded, Batman possess great upper body strength, allowing him to finish off his enemies. Bulk up your upper body, gain super core strength and add more to your game.


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