I’m a footballer, get me out of here!

by Dexy Longshot

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Are they Footballers or stars?

I remember growing up as a little boy playing football, it’s always what I wanted to do, and it’s what I always wanted to be. This was just because I loved playing the game so much.

I’m sure so many of you out there wanted to do the same, and where did we end up? In regular jobs. Mainly because we didn’t make the grade, but hey, who care’s we enjoyed it, and we still enjoy it. Whether it’s watching, playing or even just talking about it. Football was, and in most cases is still, a huge part of our lives.

The future football prospects are being plucked from the local leagues and joining up with bigger academies every weekend. This is happening at an increasing young age. Not too far in to the future I can see humans being genetically modified to become super footballers (sorry, will be another blog of mine).

Anyway, do footballers still share the same love for football now it is their career? I suspect they do, but it isn’t always obvious.

As football receives so much global media coverage are footballers becoming more and more celebrity? Are footballers losing sight of what drives them? Do they seem to enjoy the spotlight off the pitch more than when the focus is on them, on the pitch?

We all know about David Beckham, made famous by football, but enjoying unrivalled off the pitch success, as part of the ‘Beckham brand’. Let’s face it, his best playing days are behind him now, but he still picks up a huge pay packet every month.

But who else is like this? We only know about the great success of David Beckham mainly because he’s British. Is Fabregas the equivalent in Spain, Ronaldo in Portugal, or even Jason Roberts (Blackburn) in Grenada?

A good example of this would be Wayne Rooney, more celebrity now than footballer, well based on the last couple of seasons for Man Utd, but also his England performances in the last couple of years.

Can you think of any footballers whose celebrity status outweighs their footballing credentials?

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  • Stevie

    as my granddad would say, bring back national service! that would sort ’em out!!

  • Martin Tibbetts

    I think the probelm of the footballers wife is a key issue in this. Now I understand why Victoria Adams and David backham are a celeb couple, both were famous in their own right, but the way that half fit birds are now getting engaged to any player they can find then using it as a bid for stardom is tragic. First we had WAGS boutique on the telly, with women linked to players as high profile as Mark Bircham and Justin Hoyte, and now we have somebody in a jungle claiming to be famous because she shares a bed with Joe Cole. At least footballers, in general, earn their fame and status in an increasingly popular game, these women are quite quite pathetic….

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    Couldn’t agree more, the WAG culture has been really bad for our game. I watched a program the other day where girls (I won’t use the words I was shouting at the TV) look for footballers and the rich and famous, they hang out the training grounds or they look for expensive cars then leave their phone numbers on the players windscreen with a little message. These parasites live in Mayfair and have design gear & cars all paid for by rich blokes.

    All they have to do do shag a footballer then they become famous, Rebecca loos for example. The word dignity does not compute with these horrible sad individuals, it’s a sad reflection on society.

  • James Farrier

    One player you touched on who really hit a nerve for me is Cesc Fabregas. Last season, at the peak of his forms, we got The Cesc Fabregas Show on Sky. Anyone else see it?

    It was a stinker. A proper stinker. It was such a blatant and awful stunt by his agent and Nike (the show’s sponsors, no less) to give him a global branding like Beckham’s. It was essentially the player revelling in his own fame and Arsenal fans patting themselves on the back for having one surviving talent in the team since Henry’s departure. I really can’t see a repeat of it any time soon with his side’s current plight, even having made captain.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    in Wengers words, I didn’t see it. In fact, I’m surprised he actually let him do it. Strange but his form after the first 20 games dipped last season, he hasn’t even got going this season. Maybe he’s burnt out already?

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