In Wenger we rust – The official laughing stock

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

I’ve been an Arsenal fan since 1976, and in that time we’ve had some embarrassing results, including a 5-1 hammering at White Lane, a 6-2 and 8-2 spanking by the Mancs and of course that 2-1 FA Cup defeat to lowly Wrexham.

But out of all those results, tonight’s woeful performance at League Two Bradford was by far the most embarrassing. 70 minutes to get a shot on target. With a full strength side too. We have become so predictable and easy to play against that tonight’s result wasn’t really that much of a shock if I’m honest

What it clearly shows is, and what most of us already know, Arsene Wenger lost the plot years ago. I’ve been saying this for three years now. His inability to replace world-class players is turning us into a laughing stock. The man is so deluded that I’m beginning to think Spurs are paying him to manage our once great team.

Half of our squad are not even good enough for the championship, yet Wenger continues to keep them on the pay roll. Gervinho is by far the worst striker we’ve ever had. The man is totally clueless; he’s about as productive as a second hand toilet roll. If Wenger thinks this poor excuse for a football player is a replacement for RVP then he is even more deluded than I originally thought. And why does he keep playing Aaron Ramsey on the wing? Is he a winger? Our defenders have no confidence and look nervous every time the ball comes anywhere near them. Our squad is so poor that finishing in the top 4 will be as good as winning the Champions League. This is Arsenal football club after all! We are, and should be better than this.

Laughing stock
Selling our best players without so much of a fight
Replacing them with unproven Premier League average players
Selling to our rivals
Letting contracts run down
Constantly lying to the fans regarding transfers
Highest seat prices in the League
No ambition
Keeping dead wood on the pay roll

For all you ‘in Wenger we trust’ people, you need to take a reality check. He has been great for the club but change is seriously needed before he takes us even further behind our rivals.

So are you a ‘In Wenger we trust’ or an ‘In Wenger we rust’ fan?



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  • Clock End frenzy

    see what he does in Jan. he needs to spend at least 60 m and get rid of the dead wood. its a shitty cup so who cares.

    In Wenger starting to rust but still trust

  • James


    we used to tear teams apart with our pace, now we have none.


  • shooy

    Neither. It’s just childish nonsense, all this sloganeering. As bad as the AKB rubbish that some use to ridicule fellow fans just because they have differing views. Everybody needs to grow up a bit.

  • Dan

    Try being a Sheffield Wednesday fan!!!

    Bloody Gooners always moaning

  • Another pissed off Gooner

    In Wenger we Rust.

    No proper investment in the squad.

    Chamakh, Gervinho, Ramsey, Arshavin, Park, Squilachi & Santos. Not good enough.

    TV5 is having a woeful season too, he was always going to miss that pen.

  • Danish Gooner

    Dan your Wednesday isnt exactly the third biggest club in England at Arsenal you expect to win trophies.

  • Mystical Mike

    Pep Guardiola. Give him the 60 million that we’ve been promised for the past 3 seasons plus 20 from player sales

    Get rid of all the crap
    Squid – 2m
    Bendtner – 5m
    Chamakh – 3m
    Santos – 2m
    Daiby – 5m
    Gervinho – 5m

    Players to make us great again (Premier League experience)
    Demba Ba – 15m
    Henandez – 15m
    Cheik Tiote – 15m
    Leighton Baines – 15m
    Phil Jagielka – 15m

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