Is Arsene Wenger the most deluded man in football?

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

After suffering yet another bout of Déjà vu, I would like to know what Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal squad actually talk about in training. I can only presume tactics are not high on the list.

Arsenal are a team that never seem to learn. Or maybe they are learning to be as stubborn as their deluded manager?

What is evident, is this batch of players are simply not good enough to win the Champions League.

How many mistakes will Lukasz Fabianski be allowed to get away with? What was Sol Campbell doing playing in a game of this magnitude? And in Nicklas Bendtner they have a decent forward, but on that display, he might as well stayed on the treatment table.

What I witnessed tonight, was some of the worst defending I have ever seen, and I’m talking from ages 5 upwards. The only word I could possibly use would be horrific.

As for the 2nd goal, I do recall a certain Thierry Henry  scoring a similar goal for the Gunners in a league game a few years back.

So Mr Wenger, for once in your life, admit defeat, admit you made yet more mistakes and start looking for a new captain.

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  • stevie

    I’m totally speechless to be honest.

    A better side would of absolutely battered us. We were caught on the counter attack time and time again.

    This team are going sideways and not forward.

    As for the defending, I simply can’t comment.

    Dont give me the injury story, Man Utd have had their whole of defence out this season.

    I think we can say goodbye to Cesc after this season too, the seed is planted I’m afraid.

  • Smudger

    What was Sol Campbell doing playing in a game of this magnitude?
    …he was scoring Arsenals only goal, and generally playing well.

    I’d be interested to know when Henry took a quick indirect freekick in the box with no defenders around to score. I think you’re getting confused with a quick direct freekick which Henry tried a few times. Not the same situation.

  • Darren

    indirect or direct, defending like that is not acceptable. Sol did ok, but it’s no coincidence we’ve lost both times he has played! He can do a job as an urgent center back but he’s lost his pace meaning we have to play deeper, which means there’s massive holes in midfield.

  • JJ

    Wenger should go. Brainless football. Denilson and Diaby were supposed to protect the defence but were running all over the place in advanced positions. Wenger hasn’t a clue how to instruct players – they just run all round the pitch like morons. Arsenal had about 6 players up front for most of the game and still only had 2 or 3 shots on target, and got caught on the the counter attack 150 times.

  • Richard

    In a word: FLAPANSKI

  • Richard

    Or how about: FLAPPYANSKI. Only play him if you want us knocked out of a cup

  • anon

    no he is not, but you are just another cockroach who has crawled out of the gutter to give us your inane bit of comment. crap blog, you must try harder and get your facts straight before you open your mouth in future.

  • DJ

    It’s all a bit embarrassing really. Makes me wonder how Wenger ever assembled that amazing team in the first place back in 2000. Every time Henry had the ball you’d think something good was going to happen. Now, every time Bendtner has the ball … oh my God, it’s not even a fair comparison. And Denilson. Jesus what a shit player. Slow, lazy trash.

  • Daxxjoker

    OFC he is ! And by far the most deluded !
    Henry scored few goals similar to this one we’ve conceded tonight.
    And saying Bendtner is a decent player – that’s a huge compliment for him !
    Guy is a moron ! He barely knows how to walk ! And he’s so arrogant,you wouldn’t believe it !
    When you see him on the pitch – you would think “Wow,this guy has 4 seasons with 30+ goals behind him.”
    But reality is – he is terrible and good enough maybe for Bolton !
    And when he’s talking to papers – he is so full of shit ! That is amazing !

  • Darren

    It’s just so bloody frustrating, we need 2 or 3 players, get them on loan, surely it can’t be that hard. Jes man, pickles is right, we never learn, I would like to know why!

    Well win the 2nd leg anyway so maybe the team will learn from this. We can only live in hope

  • gooner4life&beyond

    Fab won’t stay, that was pathetic. He is improving, but the team around him aint. Not good enough.

  • gooner4life&beyond

    Even if the defence plays deeper with Sol, it shouldn’t matter. He was even better than Vermaelen today, would you rather have silvestre play? No one was that great today though, which is the most worrying thing.

  • Darren

    if it was a one off I’d say lets forgot about it and move on, but it’s not.

    We were undone at Stoke, Porto and not to mention at home to Everton, The Chavs & Manure. Oh, City away earlier in the season too!

    Playing us must be a strikers dream at the minute as you’re bound to get chances

  • Richard

    Clueless ANON. Slag me off because I have an opinion that we have three awful keepers. Why don’t you give us your opinion or do you not have one. Schoolboy errors in the Champions League, even Fab said so. It appears you cant handle the truth. I think you must be the most deluded one.

  • N4

    Henrys was a 20 yarder not in the six yard box you plank!!

  • William

    AW always blames others when he suffers a defeat.I aint surprised he is at it again.
    He shd know by now his goalies are not good enough.When quality goalkeepers were avaiable he refused to get them.He could have got Van der Sra, Friedel,etc but chose not to. So the buck stops with him.
    ARSENAL FANS WILL BE WAITING TO SEE HOW HE WILL REACT IN SUMMER.Any inertia will smack of I know best and the fans will suffer another season in transition.

  • dexylongshot

    The Gooners will probably slay The Mackems 3-0 at the weekend, then beat Porto 2-0 next week and we will be saying what odds for the Double, fickle dickle.

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