Is Blatter to blame for England’s Failure?

by Marc Sibbons

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

At 3:37pm on Thursday, 2nd December 2010, it was announced by Fifa president Sepp Blatter that Russia will be the host nation for the 2018 World Cup.

Ater tireless preparation by some of England’s most prestigious faces that includes the likes of Prince William, PM David Cameron, David Beckham, Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker, our bid was subsequently eliminated in the first round of voting.

So why, after an impressive speech and the inevitable guarantees in terms of infrastructure and stadia has England’s bid to bring football back home floundered at the last hurdle?

Russia will no doubt hold a great World Cup that will surpass everyones expectations and elevate Russian football to sporting and financial success, however i cannot help but think that this was England’s time to shine after a miserable year on the international scene.

Now there are some suggestions that if our bid failed this time around, then we will never get the chance to hold a World Cup, and i fully agree with that point. However, i think there are more pressing problems at hand that seem to undermine English football and all its packages. Sepp Blatter and the Fifa Delegates and now firmly in my spotlight for this case.

Obviously i am biased on this point and although not proven, i believe Blatter in particular doesn’t hold our country in the best regard, and also believe that we will never have a chance of being a host nation whilst he is top dog in Fifa Headquarters. Blatter has never been one to hide away from controversy in the media in the past, where he has criticised the wage structure in the Premier League (April, 2010), and the FA’s decision to appoint a foreign manager, Fabio Capello (Jan, 2008), to name a few outbursts.

Dont get me wrong, if England would have lost out to the Spain-Portugal bid, or even the Holland-Belgium bid i would have understood the decision by any means. Like England, the countries mentioned (Apart from Belgium) have a rich footballing history and have great stadia/ training facilities in place for a terrific World Cup.

Russia on the other hand are going to have to start from scratch and build many new stadiums, improve public transport and so on. A big task for the Russians, but one they will inevitably pull off because financially, the revenue is there.

It has been suggested that Blatter and Fifa want to expand football worldwide and give countries with a less impressive footballing background a chance to hold such a prestigious tournament. This was the case when South Africa were given the responsibility of holding the first ever World Cup in Africa, which no doubt has gave the country a helping hand in growing football in the continent.

Maybe my paranoia about Sepp Blatter and Fifa are not valid, but the suspicions have not crept out of nothing. I honestly thought England’s presentation was by far the best out of the group, coupled with our rich footballing history, many would have thought that it was England’s name immaculately placed in the envelope opened by Blatter in Zurich.

Furthermore, we hold one of the best leagues in the world, and were reportedly capable of gaining the most revenue for Fifa should the event be staged in our country. However, it wasn’t to be, and like the World Cup in South Africa, we were beaten when we needed it the most. Nevertheless, i congratulate Russia on their successful bid, but also applaud the efforts of everyone involved in the England bid’s camp over the past couple of years, roll on 2018.

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  • Derry

    football is no longer a footballing matter, it’s political, and Russia winning the World Cup, like South Africa before them will open the doors to the world.

    FIFA have turned into a sporting version of the UN!

  • Marc Sibbons

    Completely agree Derry. On footballing terms, England or Spain/Portugal should have won the bid easily, but other factors have of course come into the equation unfortunately. It’s gonna be a long ol’ while before the people of England see the World Cup on our own soil, i’m sure of it.

  • dexylongshot

    It appears the correct decisions don’t all ways win when FIFA are concerned. Things which appear the fairest and most obvious are swept aside and under carpets. I feel there has definately been some skulldugerry in both the choices. Qater? Mmm that will be a hot one. Australia will be gutted, i would have liked to see it over there, they have the stadia and a growing interest in footy (due to half of the country actually coming from Britain and Ireland, the SYdney Olympics was one of the greatest if not the greatest I have ever seen). I heard Qatar was only 30 miles wide or something like that with only 1 descent stadium? How many hotels, how many airports, I’m sure they will all be built on time because, they have plenty of Nelsons, a bit like the new look Russia, both living on Oceans of dollar soaked Oil, do you see a pattern here?

    It’s seems to me some sheckles may have influenced a few decisions and considering the past shananigans with some of the FIFA members, it comes as no surprise. Why wasn’t Warner booted out years ago? there is no smoke without fire.

    It’s all cobblers and I think we should investigate all the recent accusations bigtime along with Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland and whoever else wants in, why not, we have nothing to lose now.

    I had Talksport on last night and there was talk off us dropping out of FIFA altogether and setting up a new world governing body. I would love that to happen but it will be a mission for other nations to follow, Brazill wouldn’t want to touch it until 2014 is over. At least if a new body was set up, we could bring in some goal-line technology and rid the powers that be of all the crooks because I truly believe some of them are.


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