Is Hughton the Real Winner?

by Sean Farrell

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Oh how fickle the football fan is. Toast of the town one day, consigned to memory the next. If Pardew builds on Hughton’s steady foundations, the Toon army may soon be asking, ‘Chris who(ton)?’

Yes, please accept my sincerest apologies. Awful puns aside, I would suggest in the long term little Chrissie will be the winner. It must have been a turbulent and upsetting week in the Hughton household. First, pie & chip connoisseur, Mike Ashley showed the Hughton the door. Then to top it all off, King Spiv, Alan Pardew swaggered in before the heat had left the manager’s seat. And yesterday, a Kevin Nolan inspired Newcastle did a decent job on Liverpool.

The Newcastle fans were of course suitably outraged and distressed at their owner’s decision making. There was a protest before the game last night and a mixed reception for Mr Spiv as he took position just before kickoff. Quite rightly, many fans showed their support for Hughton, you know the usual t-shirts, banners and chants. The players were also said to be upset. Even Joey Barton vowed never to be the focus of a criminal investigation again, such was his grief. Obviously some vows are incredibly unrealistic.

However, results are what matter. Quite simply, if Pardew galvanises the players, builds on the work done by Hughton and slithers his charges further up the table, all will be forgiven. And the Toon Army will have a new contender in their perpetual search for a “Messiah”….(YAWN!).

So why does wee Chrissie look good. Well how couldn’t he? He brought them back to the Prem, and then he found them a nice little spot in midtable that they could call home. Not to mention, the sound beating Sunderland received under his stewardship. And don’t forget the victories over Arsenal and Chelsea. Hughton did very well, and deserved better.

It has been widely reported as the most unfair and bizarre sacking, not least for the swift appointment of a chap who previously plied his trade in League One. But Hughton did well; he has a good record from his stint in management. Everyone it seems involved in football, or indeed otherwise, is on Hughton’s side. One would imagine he will get job offers very soon.

If he had stayed at Newcastle and with Ashley, it may have ended much worse for Chris. Look at it this way, if results did start to deteriorate and Newcastle slipped down the table he would have eventually lost his job and perhaps wouldn’t have received such glowing support from fans or the media. Of course, maybe he would have been a tremendous long term success and such an outcome would never have materialised. Alas, we will never know.

Quite simply, yes Hughton lost a job. But he retained great dignity and respect for his achievements. Ashley quite frankly didn’t deserve to have a man of Hughton’s knowledge and footballing experience working under him. Chris can carry his head high and possibly go on to bigger and better things. He is the good guy and in the long term, the winner.

Hughton will smell of roses for several weeks yet. Mike Ashley on the other hand has further enhanced his pungent odour of excrement, which is starting to overpower is presumed resident pong of stale beer and grease. And Pardew, how will he come out smelling? Anyone really care?

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  • Darren

    I can see Hughton taking over at Fulham, because lets face it, Mark Hughes isn’t exactly doing a great job is he!

  • chuck

    Hopefully Hughton will be picked up by a side in trouble, it`s unfortunate that his availability may result in somone elses firing.
    However the lack of patience reflected by panic firings, is not unrare in the EPL.
    It beggars belief after all the man did for the club, the cold blooded dismissal (saved some dosh also) was an act of incredible ignorance, in the dumb belief that a name manager was needed.
    Sure a name like Jol or any of the dutch masters would have been acceptable.
    But the name Pardew smacks of wide boy loser, what were they thinking?
    What a pair of morons, aaaaaaarrrgh !

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