Is it right to boo your own players?

by Mystical Mike

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Emmanuel Eboue’s nightmare show

Anyone who went to the Emirates on Saturday or watched Match of the Day would have seen Emmanuel Eboue put in the worst performance by an Arsenal player since Gus Ceaser in the 1988 Littlewoods cup final defeat to Luton Town.

Eboue came on for Samir Nasri half-an-hour into the 1-0 win over Wigan after a six week absence.

Every time he touched the ball he gave it to a Wigan player, at one stage he even tackled team-mate Kolo Toure and passed to the opposition.

I’ll admit it, I’m no Eboue fan, I’m still trying to work out what he actually offers the team in football terms. For a winger his goal scoring record is nothing short of a disgrace. 1 goal this season, 0 last. His final ball is poor, his decision making is also poor.

But what he does offer the team is unity. Anyone who knows anything about Arsenal will be quick to tell you that Eboue is the joker of the pack, a character, a player who brings the team together.

Substitute Eboue was eventually subbed, which was embarrassing enough for the lad. But to be cheered off ironically to a chorus of boo’s was disgraceful behavior from the home fans. Eboue was almost in tears.

“I think he will come back and show how good a player he is,” Wenger said.
“The same fans will applaud him when he does well.”

I have my doubts, it’s sounds like Wenger papering over the cracks. At the end of the day, Eboue is not a good player, but no one deserves to be treated like that.

Have you, or would you ever boo a player if he was having a bad day at the office?

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  • http://UKFF Danny Ledger

    I was there on saturday afternoon, and to be honest, eboue was struggling!!!

    Altho he has just come back from injury, and was played out of position on the left, he struggled to get any real involvement in the game. He looked low on confidence and the stray passes at the end were a combination of nervousnes and panic.

    The whole team seemed to be very nervous in the last 10 mins, and when we were screaming to the players to just ‘keep the ball’, eboue, who was in space on the wing as an outlet, just ran into trouble, and just released the ball to wigan players two or three times!!! And THAT was why the fans were booing, and having a go at him!!!

    At one point he ran from the left, across the pitch to the right wing, and just ran the ball off for a wigan throw in. Ridiculous!!!

    He hasnt been on the best of form for a while, as the above blog states, 1 goal last season!! Theres not been a quality end product either!!! Arsenal definitely missed Walcott to run at defenders, Rosicky when fit, can do the same and has an end product also.

    Unless Wenger starts him on wednesday in our away game in Porto, maybe he needs to get 90 minutes under his belt, away from the emirates, before he makes a return in front of the Gooners again!!
    Im afriad to think that we might have seen the last of Eboue!!!!

  • Ramjet

    You can’t boo someone…we’ve had a fair few sh*t players…dong gook lee, michael ricketts and mikel beck but I never booed and if they did do something good I’d exaggerate and celebrate in others faces…even alves is getting booed…madness.

  • Stevie

    I’ve lost count at the number of groups on Facebook I’ve joined urging Wenger to get rid of him, he’s not good enough to play for Arsenal, the first team anyway. He’s an ok back up for Sagna at right back, but he is not winger, he’s goals and assists suggest that.

    Maybe it’s time to sell him to Juventus for 6 million and buy someone decent. Joker or not, it’s what happens on the pitch that counts!!!

  • Pj

    if you pay over £1000 for a season ticket then you are entitled to your opinion

  • tef1on

    Im split on this…

    I pay £120+ on going to Arsenal games with the Mrs, and for that money i expect to see some quality football… Week in week out Eboue is shocking. I think the Boo’s are more targeted towards Wenger in a strange way.

    Wenger has had faith in Eboue time after time, but every week he put in shocking performances. I cannot justify how he wasnt sold last season.

    On the other hand “get behind your team”

    Its a hard one

  • tef1on

    Stevie Says:
    December 8th, 2008 at 1:01 pm

    “I’ve lost count at the number of groups on Facebook I’ve joined urging Wenger to get rid of him”

    I seriously Doubt Wenger goes on Facebook.

    Danny Ledger Says:
    December 8th, 2008 at 12:42 pm

    “Rosicky when fit”

    Your having a laugh… Dortmund must have been laughing for weeks when they offloaded “sick note” to us.

  • Jamie Farrier

    The noise that went up when his number came up to be subbed was terrifying, and the poor guy clearly looked upset.

    Even the best have their bad games – if he’s a true pro, he’ll work out a way to pick himself up again.

    Eboue is one of those players like (for example) Claude Makelele – the difference he makes to a game is invisible at best, but you notice when he doesn’t fit into the shape of a match.

  • Darren

    I’m with Tef here, we should of sold him last season, although Wenger obviously values him. He has played everywhere except in goal. It’s the Arsenal way to have ultility players, Song is the new favourite and no doubt will play every game until the end of season. George Graham had a team full of ’em, Steve Morrow (Shite) David Hillier (Shite) & Ian Selly (Even more shite).

    And for the record, Arsene Wenger does go on Facebook, I’ve found his profile

  • http://UKFF Danny Ledger

    None of the top four (five) teams have a numpty like eboue in their squad!!!!
    It just shows you the strength (lack of) in depth the Arsenal have!!!!

    I dont think you can compare Eboue to a Makelele (completey different role and position)

  • Darren

    To be fair, Liverpool have had their fair share of numpties in recent years, Diof, Pennant & Neil Meller to name but a few!

    Darren Fetcher at United was another, although he has been excellent this season, maybe Wenger sees something in Eboue that we don’t ? Either that or his jokes are bloody hilarious!!!!!

  • Dexy Longshot

    I must admit, I have been a bit tempted with Boa Borte who has been pony for us. He was mustard at Fulham but somehow he hasn’t performed in a West Ham shirt.

    I was unlucky enough to attend the biggest boo-fest in footballing history. Andorra vs England in Barcelona when McClown got slated. I didn’t boo then but I did when we lost to Croatia at Wembley. The man was a joke.

    I recently attended a football awards dinner for Denis Law and McClown was there, when his name was read out the whole place boo’ed the twat…

  • Darren

    Danny Ledger Says:
    December 8th, 2008 at 12:42 pm

    “Rosicky when fit”

    Your having a laugh… Dortmund must have been laughing for weeks when they offloaded “sick note” to us.

    News from the BBC
    Arsenal’s Czech Republic midfielder Tomas Rosicky faces at least another three months on the sidelines with a damaged hamstring tendon.

    Think it’s time to forget about him and replace him someone else. Ryan Babel would have been perfect!

  • stevie

    that means he’s been out for over a year now. I think Dortmund knew that when they sold him.

    thats both our first choice wingers out for 3 months. Nightmare

  • tef1on

    Rosicky hasn’t had a time in the Arsenal team where he has stayed fit for over 3 months without having an injury which keeps him out for 2-3 games

  • stevie

    like i say, Dortmund knew something we didn’t, he’s like Saha and Darren Anderton, who incidentally retired this weekend after scoring a last minute winner for Bournemouth, great way to go out!

  • Mozza

    hes nothing compared to Bendtner though!

  • tef1on


    I have been saying that for 2 seasons! You are now my hero for agreeing with me!

  • stevie

    come on Teflon old son, Bendtner is not that bad, it’s the fact we have no one else and that’s his fault. He has scored some important goals for us. He is still only 20 remember!

  • tef1on

    I honestly think he will be sold when Eduardo is back, 17th December in the Reserves

  • Darren

    no chance, Wenger won’t sell him, he must rate him as he plays him in front of Vela all the time. Vela spent a whole on loan in La Liga, so he’s actually got more experience that Bendtner, yet Wenger keeps giving him a chance. He’s a decent plan B of the bench.

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