Is it time to strip John Terry of the England captaincy?

by Dexy Longshot

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Big John as just been refused any more covering up by a judge after he has been found out to have been having it off with an unnamed team-mates Doris. What a t8ssbag!

A High Court judge granted some sort of ‘super-injunction’ whatever that is. Here’s what we’ve dug up on the net. Terry won a gagging order stopping the public learning about his alleged swordsmanship but the injunction was lifted a few hours ago.

Mr. Justice Tugendhat said in these quotes:

‘I do not consider that an interim injunction is necessary or proportionate having regard to the level of gravity of the interference with the private life of the applicant that would occur in the event that there is a publication of the fact of the relationship, or that [the applicant] can rely in this case on the interference with the private life of anyone else.
‘I accept that the information sought to be protected is not in the public domain in the sense that there is nothing left to be protected.

‘But the evidence is that there has been wide circulation amongst those involved in the sport in question, including agents and others, and not just amongst those directly engaged in the sport.

‘If the injunction ought otherwise be granted, I would not refuse it on this basis. But the fact that the information has become as widely available to so many people, means that an injunction is less necessary or proportionate than would otherwise be the case.

‘Further, if – as I think likely – the real concern of the applicant in this case is the effect of publication upon the sponsorship business, then damages would be an adequate remedy if Terry succeeds at trial.’

Thank you your Honour!

Big John’s already got previous when it comes messing about with the ladies, not to mention pissing on dance floors, parking in disabled bays and generally being a prick. Daddies’ sauce even had the sauce to call him Dad of The Year in 2008. I bet he’s kids will be really proud like his poor missus Toni Poole. He’s old mans a dealer and his old girl is a tealeaf, not the kind of background anyone in the spotlight would brag about.

Also that advertising nonsense that came out a few months advertising his skills to get a bit more dosh to keep his birds quiet no doubt went something like this”
“‘John Terry is: British sporting hero; England’s football captain; World Cup 2018 ambassador; Football icon; Dad of the year 2008; Voted as one of the World’s most influential (sic) people.’”

I vote that Fabio gives him a dressing down and takes the armband from him, give it someone who is a guaranteed starter and would move Heaven and Earth to win the World Cup. Rooney!

This may sound harsh on John but it’s my opinion, I never wanted him to be England Captain anyway, having it off behind the mother of your kids is bad enough but with a friends bird is the lowest of the low.

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  • GZ

    If you don’t want England to stand any chance in the WC, then sure. Off the field matters should not be brought on to the field, and that is exactly what JT is a specialist at doing. But I’m sure that haters like yourself are going to try your best to drive him out of the England National Team. Some patriots you lot are. Shame.

  • Darren

    John Terry has been a joke for many years. In my opinion he is an excellent Premier League player but is not good enough at International level.

    This latest episode just makes him look even more of a twit then he already is

  • GZ

    Not good enough at International level? What kind of a ridiculous post is that? What about all the goals he has scored to save England’s blushes? What about the countless number of times he has saved England’s ass at the back with incompetent goalkeepers? Wow. English fans really don’t understand what a ‘good performance’ is and you certainly don’t understand the meaning of gratitude. It’s no wonder that English fans boo their own players off.

  • Liam

    He’s done nothing illegal,get on with it England haven’t a hope without him as captain.

  • FootballIntel

    He has to go. There is no way the FA could ever command respect if he stays:

  • jimmythegent

    I agree with him being punished. This isn’t just some player who’s been cheating on his wife, it is the fact that he as been doing to a mates wife, not any other mate either, a team mate from his club who he saw day in day out for years and an England team mate. Wayne Bridge has been our no2 left back since 2002. Say he plays well for the remainder of the season & makes it into the England squad. It’s a big ask as his form as dipped in the last year, maybe he had things on his mind. But let’s say he did, can you imagine the frosty atmosphere in the camp, not just between him and Terry but all the boys. I bet half the England squad are thinking what most would think, how could you do that to a mate? He has lost some respect and if it has any sort of kickback on our chances in the World Cup, it should be addressed. Fabio has been grooming this squad for 2 years, much of it has been psychological, based on discipline and a strong group mentality. Terry may have helped in dividing this group, just as it was coming to fruitition. Cappello is a man of principle and should take Terry to one side and read him the riot act. He has let his family down, his friends down, his club and his country and his Manager. He as lost some of the respect that he shows on the field. He should come out and make a make a public apology, he’s got the balls and should admit to his mistake. Fabio meanwhile should teach him a lesson too. Strip him for the captaincy for the Egypt game in March. Let him know who’s boss and that it will not be tolerated in his camp. He has 5 months to SA and needs to restore the togetherness in the camp. It is not about John ability, he has had his critics and yes, has always ignored it when it comes to business on the pitch but it’s the trust issue and respect issue that is the problem and John should not get away with it.

  • Dexy Longshot

    Interesting comments here on the wed and in the papers. I’ve read 3 different articles talking on online polls discussing big Johns captaincy and it is an overwhelming yes, he should be stripped of the armband. GZ, you say of the field matters but this is not just some fling with some bird down the local Ritzy, it’s one of his closest mates and a player who will be on the field, along with players who know them both, jimmy is dead right, it’s the effect it will have on other players. I’ve just read that Wayne is considering quitting the game and doesn’t want to be picked fo the Egypt match in a few weeks (No surprise there considering his Judas mate’s actions). this is not good for the 3 Lions at all.

    PS: GZ, I’m as patriotic as they come, World Cups, all home matches, some away and another World Cup coming, because I want someone who has done wrong time and time again to be punished by having a stern talking to with Fab doesn’t make me unpatriotic. The very reason I wrote this article was because i fear John has put a huge dent in Capellos World Cup preparation.

  • W.A.

    John Terry might not have done anything illegal, but breaching the trust of someone he knows displays arrogance, selfishness, and gross egotism. It’s not the behaviour of a sporting captain; it’s the behaviour of a man who’s let his status go to his head. He’s abused his position. Remember Tommy Docherty losing his job as United manager in 1977 for having an affair with the physio’s wife? They’d just won the FA Cup but that didn’t save the Doc.

    But if Terry does lose the captaincy, does he stay in the squad? I wouldn’t actually take Bridge to the World Cup because Ashley Cole will play every game if he stays fit, and Barry or even Lescott could fill in if he doesn’t, so Terry would still be in my 23 – probably still in the starting line-up. Rio as captain?

  • Miller

    I think I’m being swayed into the side that thinks JT should have his captaincy stripped from him and not because of this episode but because of a pattern of irresponsible behaviour. This was a question even before this story broke. I use to have sympathy for him because I thought he tried to mend his ways with work with charity, etc.

    In England, I’ve always noticed people often go with their teams before country, I try to see this as neutral, even the blogger says “get Rooney in there” but this is the pivotal situation, who would become captain? And again, I repeat, get your team-coloured tinted glasses off and look at it for the best of the 3 Lions. For Captain, I’d say Rooney, not yet still, Rio, not in form, JT is in form afterall and is committed to teams he plays for, Gerrard, most likely not. It’s not easy to see who is a viable alternative.

    Still, Terry should have thought of this before. To pull on the shirt of your country and wear the badge is an honour requiring the highest due diligence. Things were a lot different back with Sven and then McClaren and some would say, the latter at least, could not discipline the players’ egos.

    And the thing with Terry is I’ve heard these kinds of stories before. There is a risk we will hear more. If it gets worse, surely he won’t be the captain.

  • Mike

    Give the captaincy to Gerrard. It was a Bridge Too Far

  • Jim

    John Terry is a prat isn’t he! £170000 a week and he still manages to balls it up. The bloke should be stripped of the captaincy for sure, if he can’t be trusted by his wife and kids how can the England team trust him. Many of his collegues are friends with Wayne Bridge so he has caused a problem in the changing room in my opinion and must be punished. John needs to take a real good look at himself and get his act together.

  • dexylongshot

    The more I think about it, the more I think Fab will chuck the book at him. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he barred him from International duty until after The World Cup, especially if we believe that most of the England Squad have been sending Bridge support and coating Big John.

    With Terry out, there will be more harmony and group spirit, no one keeping a low profile, no “Tasty tackles”, no whisperings, no mody glances across the dinner table. If Fab has banned a World Cup song and The Wags for being a minor distraction, he has a big problem to address with a Captain and Player no one respects.

  • mickeymarbles

    Bridge’s French wife has been having it of with another “household name Premiership star” according to the tabloids today. This going to run and run. Any ideas on who the lucky player might be because we all know she is a belter. It has got to be a looker, maybe Tevez or one of the Nevilles??!!! Seriously, this isn’t looking good for Fabio, if it is another England Squad member, it is going to be a free for all in training. Fight Fight Fight!!!

  • Dave

    Your all talking crap.

    Leave him as England Captain, who else you gonna have????????

    Rio Ferdinand, Steve Gerrard, Wayne Rooney??? They all have previous.

  • Darren

    the more I think about it the more I think you’re right Dave. He is a leader on the pitch and that’s what counts. We have no one else, we certainly don’t have center backs as cover!

    Typical media though, kick our players down, they then moan we get knocked out early

  • Dave

    Since SKY have started to pay stupid amounts of money for TV rights players have become more like celebrities than sports-stars.

    If an MP can sleep with someone or the next in line for the throne has an affair and yet they keep their job or title then wht should a football player be stripped of the England captaincy??

    Did the Queen say to Charles ” you had an affair while married your not going to be King” ??? No she didnt.

    So I say back off JT, let him sort out his private life in private and let him do what he does best and lead England with pride and passion.

    I think JT is great and will argue with anbody that says different.

    As a football fan I will not boo him or throw abuse at him. I hope Fabio see’s sense.

    And to the tabloid press “Fuck Off you twats!

  • dexylongshot

    Remember that old Shopping Chain from the 80’s, it was a sort of Top Shop/River Islands for birds.

    “Just popping into Chelsea Girl!!”

    It appears a mini 5-a-side Chelsea team have already done it, Terry, Gudjohnson and now Mutu with an un-named player (I wonder who that could be – gagging orders at the ready). What a bike!

  • dexylongshot

    Reports coming through that he has been “dropped of the England Captaincy” whatever that means and the French tart isn’t going to sell her story, I bet Max Cliffords gutted.

  • dexylongshot

    Confirmed on Sky, fkin good job an all. If we do actually win it, i’m not sure if could put Tel up their in my heroes top 3 with Bobby.

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