Is Mick McCarthy really that much of a turn off?

by Charlie Coffey

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

The BBC has reported a record number of complaints about the dull, monotonous drone that accompanies their screenings of the World Cup in South Africa, and so from early next week will be offering an option to filter out the noise of Mick McCarthy.

“It’s giving me a headache,” said Richard Croft, from Barnsley, “I can’t imagine why anyone would want to listen to such an offensive sound for a minute, never mind a full hour and a half. My wife and I thought there was something wrong with the TV, until we realised what it was.”

FIFA chief Sepp Blatter has refused to act, stating that he does not want to interfere with the unique culture and history of such a proud country.

Derrick Bird, from Winchester, wrote: “I have to watch the games with the volume down, it really has ruined the tournament for me.  I could maybe understand it if the sound it produced had any variety or if it played a tune or something, but I just can’t handle the low-pitched whining, game after game!”

The recently disgraced Lord Triesman has admitted that a key facet of the England’s bid to host the World Cup 1018 was a promise that Mick McCarthy would be banned from all stadiums, with over half of the 1000 page document devoted to this very subject.

For this tournament, however, it seems that a sound filter is the only option. As from the Portugal versus North Korea game at Monday lunchtime viewers can press the red button on their remote control to choose from coverage with or without Mick McCarthy. While the broadcaster can’t promise to filter out the sound completely, they say it will make the World Cup more bearable.

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  • William

    McCarthy was in the studio for the Paraguay-Slovakia game. I’m guessing the acoustics must be better in there than in the gantry!

  • Paddytheflea

    Shit! Too late. Is it not possible to take the memory of him away afterwards or the brain damage irrreversible. Please somebody answer me before I go crazy!

    (In reallity I believe Mick is one of the best when it comes to the analysis. If you want entertainment, watch a sit-com.)

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