Is Mido really worth a grand a week?

by James Baker

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

That controversial figure, Mido has returned to the Premier League to join the slightly subdued Hammers (I can’t call them happy Hammers). So desperate to prove his worth, he is reportedly earning just a grand a week. Even more desperately, he is joining a club whose fans once referred to him as the “shoe bomber”. Times must be tough.

As we know, the Hammers have a naughty element of supporters as do all other teams. Mido was singled out immediately by the Hammers fans as, a, he played for Tottenham and b, he was a bit too Egyptian and so, of course, a closet terrorist. He was compared to the English chap, Richard Reid who tried to blow up a trans-Atlantic flight with a hidden bomb in his shoe. In fairness, there was a resemblance between Mido and Reid and so the “shoe bomber” chant stuck. West Ham fans were branded as despicable and rightly so by the press and Mido.

So imagine my surprise when I heard the fiery Egyptian was returning to Blighty with the Hammers. Mido is quite clearly in the last chance saloon and pimping himself to a club he must have a strong distaste for must be quite a come down. It seems clubs have tired of his disruptive nature, his time-bomb (sorry) temperament and his indifferent performances. Yes, he has ability but can he make it count?

Is it a gamble from the Hammers? Some would argue at a grand week it is a no-brainer. However, I would be a little concerned about his chequered past and his disruptive influence on a small, young squad that has shown great unity in what has been quite a depressing season. Can he banish the Hammers boo-boy chants or is he only worth a grand a week?

Please note, any derogatory comments made in this piece are not the views of the writer or UK Football Finder.

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  • musicmob

    Mido looks like a different person , he must have lost about 5 stone! hope he does the biz for us, ex spuds or not.

  • Safhamer

    As long as he can “bomb” the opposition (on the pitch) that should be fine. Seriously, if Zola can tap the undoubted potential that Mido possesses, then it will be a master stroke in the transfer window. If Mido is,..well Mido, then no harm done anyway. We’ll be no worse off. However, I do beleive that Mido has realised that his ego needs to take second place and that his fottballing prowess needs to do the talking.
    Who knows, we could have him long term and be fighting off top clubs from getting their mits on him!! I can dream cant I?

  • dexylongshot

    It’s all gravy in my book, a grand a week is a bargain. He doesn’t care about the money which is refreshing and he does seem to have done some weight. In the bits I have read over the past two days, he seems very determined to prove his doubters wrong and get back to his best, which on the day is worth every penny. I think him missing out on being in the Egyptian squad that has just set the record for 3 ACN on the spin has also got him thinking. He still has age on his side and may be looking towards the next World Cup which Egypt should be capable of getting to.

  • Mike

    Not an ideal signing but for a grand a week. Seriously worth it even if he only scores 5 goals this season

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