Is Pep Guardiola heading to Arsenal?

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Pep Guardiola’s contract extension with Barcelona is becoming more and more complex now. The situation is reaching crisis point.

Can Barca hold tie him up?

Barcelona have always been ready to renew his contract but Guardiola is still keeping his silence towards that matter.

It is being reported by Spanish newspaper El Economista where Barcelona is ready to list out a few candidate if Guardiola does not come up with an agreement with the club.


According to the reports, Ernesto Valverde – Olympiacos, Luis Enrique – AS Roma, Oscar Garcia – Barca junior coach and Joachim Loew – German national team are part of the short list candidate being suggested.

Speculation continues to grow, that the talented Barca coach is heading to Arsenal, will this actually happen, or is it just another rumour?

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  • S J Little`

    No thanks. I looked fwd to two recent games that used to provide fireworks and the first half was just pass,pass negative midfield pass
    Even long balls are more exciting as there is always the possibility of a goal.
    Too many managers are copying Spanish football and turning the game into a boring non-contact sport. Its all play acting and cheating, soon players wont be able to touch another player at all.
    Defenders are now afraid to tackle. Tough exciting players are disappearing. Soccer schools only select kids with skill, other attributes dont count. High drama is disappearing except for Moan Utd protesting all refereeing decisions!
    The shirts etc get more gaudy and the glamour is disappearing,
    Arsenal goalkeepers kit could,nt be less appealing. Shirts hanging out reduce the spectacle to Hackney Marsh standard. Players pretending to be half dead from the slightest known is sickening.
    The Clubs should beware less they forget what attracted us to football originally and dont take notice of our disallusionment of
    the damage FIFA is doing to the game.
    £60 a match to watch gaudy cowardly overpaid cheating and play acting players is the general conversation now!

  • mark Francis

    S J Little you are a Tottenham Spud shut up.

  • KING

    S J LITTLE shut up u knobhead just another clueless spud fan who is getting over excited cuz youve had 1 good season in the last 50 years over arsenal

  • Sheep conter

    Hollow hollow ……we don’t do tax or is that lie walking away

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