Is the Bundesliga the greatest league in the world?

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Quite simply, Yes. Global football analysis names Bundesliga as the greatest professional league in the world .

Contrary to popular wisdom, English Premier League is not the ‘best’

A major new analysis into the strength of every country’s premier football competition has been released, naming Germany’s Bundesliga as officially the greatest league in the world. Spain’s La Liga comes second while England’s much-lauded Premier League only manages third place.

Researched and produced by new social networking and peer-gaming service, the Greatest Football League Report is the first in-depth analysis of its kind, and was conducted by the site’s founder and former City investment analyst, John Hughes.

The report takes a wide range of critical factors into consideration based around every premium domestic football competition. A strict set of criteria were closely monitored*, with each league measured against a set of five distinct factors; revenue, quality of player, competitiveness, audience levels, and finally, the success of each country’s team in continental competition, as well as the performance of the country’s national team.

Speaking about the report, John Hughes, said: “The Bundesliga has been growing in popularity over the last few years, and is beginning to make a concerted challenge on the European front with two of its top teams reaching the semi-finals of the Champtions’ League. Teams in the Bundesliga are extremely well followed, and the accessibility of ticket prices makes the German elite division great value for money.

The Overall Results Graph

“The Spanish model benefits heavily from a wonderful national team and the football club behemoths of Barcelona and Real Madrid. However, underneath these two clubs the gap is increasing year on year making the competition a genuine two horse race. An unbalanced broadcast model has polarised the league’s finances and exacerbated the gap between the elite teams and their competitors. The economic hardships of the country has impacted on attendances and caused rises in ticket prices.

“The financial robustness of the Premier League allows for some of the best players from all over the world to call England their home. However, a league saturated with foreign talent and awash with riches is untrusting of its youth development, which stunts the potential growth of England’s national side.”

The report also analysed the performance of the tops teams within each professional league:

Bundersliga – key facts

The Bundesliga is the second biggest league in terms of average revenue per club at €92.4m.

Transfer fees are not excessive, although the recent capture of Javi Martinez by Bayern Munich did elicit a growing appetite in this field. The average transfer record in the Bundesliga is almost €8.4m, ranking 5th in the list

Over the last ten years five different teams have been crowned champions in Germany, making it more competitive than the Premier League or La Liga

The Bundesliga is the second most entertaining league in the sample when you consider average goals scored, and the top teams are more evenly matched than those in Spain or England

Germany’s leagues are the best attended and the Bundesliga represents the third best value for money.

La Liga – key facts

La Liga was dominated by two clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona. While La Liga as a whole generates €1.6bn, almost 60% of this is generated by these two clubs alone, owing to a lop-sided TV deal that threatens to ruin the leagues integrity

The average margin of victory is similar to the Bundesiga and Premier League. On average 2.76 goals are scored per game, (0.05 goals less than the Premier League and 0.1 goals less than Germany’s Bundesliga).

Spain ranks second in terms of player quality. This is mainly due to the lack of depth to the competition.

La Liga’s attendances are falling and it represents the poorest value for money of all observed leagues.

Premier League – key facts

While the English Premier League is the most watched, most talked about league in the world, marketed to the highest standard, and is a genuine money maker that is the envy of people around the world, it’s focus on recruitment and revenue has created an unbalanced product that does not offer the spectator great value for money.

The average English Premier League team generates €125m per year dwarfing its rivals in Germany, Italy and Spain. However, this owes as much to the strength of the British standard of living

The competition itself is a bit of a closed shop with only four teams having won it in the past ten years, which becomes five over a twenty year span.

The average margin of victory is similar to the Bundesiga and La Liga. On average 2.81 goals are scored per game, but aside from the Eredivisie the Premier League has the lowest observed occurrence of draws.

Premier League attendances are just below those recorded in Germany, but they are falling and it represents the second poorest value for money of all observed leagues.


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