Is the Top Four now the Big Six?

by Mystical Mike

Monday, May 16th, 2011


The traditional English Premier League top four has been compromised. Gone are the days when it was almost a given that the status quo would finish in the important positions at the top of the table. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United have long been the heavyweights of the division, seasonally swapping positions in the top four. There have been times when other teams have managed to break into the Champions League places, namely Everton and Newcastle United, but they have never managed a second year assault.

Last season Tottenham broke the monopoly at the top of the table, with Liverpool being the team to drop out. Whilst Tottenham have performed admirably in this seasons Champions League, defeating the likes on Inter and AC Milan on the way to crumbling at the hands of Real Madrid, they could not stop Manchester City’s billions taking their place in the top four. Manchester City have now achieved what Sheikh Mansour initially dreamed of when he bought the club on the eve of the 2009/10 season.

The new boys to the Champions League will have their heart set on consolidating their position and also improving on it, but Tottenham will be pressing ahead to battle again to reach the Promised Land

So is this the end of the traditional powerhouses in the Premier League?

Well maybe this is not the case. With newly crowned Champions Manchester United almost plodding to the title this season it is inconceivable that they won’t look to invest and reinvigorate their squad.

With Chelsea having an ageing squad it is clear that Roman Abramovich will have to sell some of their high earning players to help finance an influx of young, fresh talent to spice up their challenge for honours over the forthcoming seasons.

Over in North London, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has started to feel the strain from the Gunners fans regarding a lack of trophies in the last 6 seasons and he may, finally, have to delve into the clubs resources to challenge again.

And finally we come to Liverpool. With the club being under new (and vastly improved) American ownership and having club legend Kenny Dalglish back at the helm, they will look to invest heavily to turn their fortunes around.

With both the traditional powers and the new boys certain to improve over the summer the Premier League will become even more of an intriguing contest next season but one question is left on the lips:

Should the Top Four now be called the Big Six?

Michael Healey

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  • Nig

    Nope. Unless MoneyBag City and Spuds perform consistently over and period of time – not just a once off it will always be Scum, Arse,Chelski and Liverpool 🙂

  • Stef

    Michael… You are official Footballs answer to Carrie Bradshaw 😉 xx

  • Joe

    They won’t be called big six because there’s a reason for the context of top 4. That’s Champions League of course…

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