Is this the end of Man City’s title challenge?

by Russell Hill

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

After I wrote a while ago that Manchester City were the clear favourites for the Premier League title this year, my opinion seems to have changed over the past few weeks. Their recent form has seen them playing decent enough but Manchester United have gone that extra mile. Manchester City has lost on far too many occasions this season. After their dismal performance against Everton on Tuesday which saw United jump equal second on points, over the past two months they’ve lost seven points after two losses and a draw. There was a point in the season when City were blasting away everyone in the Premier League field but their strikers seemed to have lost the type of form which saw players quaking in their shin pads. The boot really is on the other foot right now.

My change in opinion is because of Man Utd’s own dismal form outside of the Premier League. After being knocked out by Liverpool in the FA Cup, having lost in the Carling Cup by the mighty Crystal Palace in the Quarter Finals (at home), their only other chance of silverware this season outside of the Premier League is the Europa League. That too was after their failure to progress to the knock-out stages of the Champions League where they lost to another enormous club in the form of FC Basel. Now, the Premier League is their only major trophy which they could possibly win. With no chance of eclipsing their Treble winning season back in 1998/99, Ferguson will want to win something this season and the Europa League will not be his priority. Overtaking Liverpool’s league title record furthermore will be a sweet sensation for Ferguson and winning the Europa League won’t alter his opinion.

So, what does the rest of the season hold for Man Utd and his injured troops? United are long regarded as being very strong in the second half of the season and their Premier League form is good enough at the moment. Man City’s troops have yet to be challenged during the second half of the season like Ferguson’s players encounter year in, year out. But, then again, if Man Utd continue to perform like they did against Blackburn and Newcastle the field is wide open.

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  • Mystical Mike

    hardly, they are still top of the league with easy fixtures coming up

  • JoshBarnes

    If you compare the two teams then it says a lot;

    – Man Utd
    – Supposedly broke, in debt etc.
    – Had unbelievable injurys, the best defender in the league out for the whole season, etc.
    – So-called poor squad with a weak midfield.

    -Man City
    – Richest club in the world, spent a billion pounds on players over the last 3 years, offer players whatever wage they want to join them.
    – Best injury record in the league.
    – Incredible squad full of big money superstars in every position.

    City should be miles ahead of United on paper, but in reality united have a kind of strength and determination that keeps them going. United are vastly underrated by all, including myself who didnt think they had a chance a few months ago. They deserve a lot of credit. Imagine they had no injuries and Citys spending money, they would never lose a game.

    My money now is on Ferguson, he’s the best there is.

  • Mystical Mike

    gotta agree with Josh, United for me. Average team but somehow Fergi gets the best out of them.

    Maybe it shows how weak the Premier League really is

  • gB

    Got it spot on Josh. United have suprised me this season, players have dug in well. This is what makes United special, not money.

  • Del

    Normal service will be resumed by the weekend. CIty win 3 points, Utd to drop points at the bridge, excluding any dodgy refereeing or controversy that seems to be the norm lately.

  • Del

    By the way in case you need reminding, there is a handy little league table to the right of these comments. H ave a look it might be worth noticing who is and has been at the top for some time now ans there to stay

  • russ

    After supporting City for decades whilst they were skint and listening to United fans tell me how they were the richest club in the world it seems strange that now our roles are somewhat reversed United fans want to knock City for having a few quid.

    We have only had the money for a couple of years, just wait until we have had it for 20 years like United (sky’s money)

    – 20 years of stability
    – 20 years of raking in TV money because they happened to be the best team when Sky, prem and champs league came along
    – 20 years of buying who they want and paying them what they want.
    – 20 years of worldwide TV exposure when the previously there was almost none.

    – Still sorting out the dead wood (like Tezez)
    – Still coping with their rise to the top and establish a good team
    – Players still getting to know each other as a team

    Yet they are top on the league.

    Give City 20 years of spending, even with the fairt play rules that didn’t hamper United and then lets compare the clubs

  • Glowey

    Lost on too many occasions this season? That would be twice then, as against Utd 3 times, Tottenham 4, Chelsea 5 and Arsenal 8.

    What a load of rubbish this “article” is, I wouldn’t mind but, as has already been pointed out, theres a league table at bottom right of this page, not difficult to do a little “research” I’d suggest.

  • Dessie

    Josh your spot on pal.

    Russ, or should I say Bertie magoo…….when you spend 900 million pounds on mercenaries, paying them whatever it takes just to play for you (otherwise they wouldn’t look at you twice), then excuses about gelling together fall on deaf ears.

    20 years to catch up? That means City will need to win the league 17 times out of the next 20 seasons and the CL on 3 occasions while their at it, without United winning either at all, just too catch up with them……….two words…………..good luck.

    United have been building the club up since the 1950’s. It doesnt happen overnight, ask Chelsea.

    Ps. Try harder not too sound so bitter next time.

  • Boris

    Loving all these City have spent a ‘Billion on players’ comments, pity nobody can actually name them.

  • peekaboo

    Smells like the truth… Was it hahaped?

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