Is this the worst Celtic side of all time?

by Claire Tully

Friday, April 16th, 2010

If you’ve followed Celtic at all this season – and not given in to weeping in the foetal position between match days – then that’s not really a difficult question, is it? It’s sort of like asking “Does getting hit on the head with hammer actually hurt?”

Unfortunately the damage caused by this seasons limping performances in terms of club support, club reputation and most importantly club spirit is going to need a lot more than a few pills to numb the pain.

I’ve been a Celtic supporter all my life. In fact me Da, Charlie, owes his nickname to Celtics striker Charlie Tully. And in hindsight it’s a good job I never got lost as a young child because I had no idea his name was in fact Brian.

But there will be no football heroes remembered from this season. Instead the names that will be on peoples lips are the flops and the failures, those who promised to deliver and then never bothered to show up.

Marc-Antoine Fortuné and Georgios Samaras – both singled out for their contribution to Celtics demolition last Saturday at the hands of first division Ross County. Then there’s the loan signings, N’guemo and Braafheid –the latter probably en route to Bayern as we speak, while N’guemo is probably still licking his wounds having had his sorry ass hauled off before half time at Hampden.

To add to the list, there’s Scott Brown, seemingly being impersonated by some clown in a number 8 shirt every week who can’t play football. And even the wee man McGeady, once untouchable at Celtic Park, his performance last Saturday’s was that of a first-class fail.
To be honest it would be a much shorter task to list those worth keeping. And far less of a financial headache.

Fortune should never have been bought as a striker. At £3.8million it’s easier to predict when he won’t score. From past club experiences we know he is capable of scoring – unfortunately it just averages once a month.

Robbie Keane has had a bad run of luck. Too expensive to keep on a bench and too good for the clubs who actually want him. He must be counting the days until he can go back to Spurs. With a weekly wage bill greater than that of the entire Ross County team and an expected fall in Celtic’s season tickets next year it isn’t likely they’ll be begging him to stay in Glasgow.

And should we really care?

At £65K a week, Robbie wasn’t just brought to Celtic just to score goals. He was brought to bring home the silverware and whether in writing or not, that was the deal.
But his debut – Celtic losing at Kilmarnock for the first time in 9 years – sums up how well that money was spent.

12 goals in 13 games is undeniable but the SPL Player of the month award is about as good as getting to keep the empty box of a birthday cake. A consolation prize for what must have been the most humiliating match of his life.

When a top flight team goes down to a lower league team you have to question where is the leadership? Where is the fight and the determination and the sheer desire to win?

At Celtic it’s gone. For the first time in 7 years there will be no trophies at Celtic Park.  This season will go down in the annals of Celtics history as one of the biggest disasters in club history, even worse than 1999-2000, Mowbray already named as the worst ever manager with a poorer win/loss ratio than Barnes.

If Celtic want their club back, they’re going to have to find a team. And a manager.

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  • James

    You are a gullible fool if you believe the old Rangers lie that “parkhead was shut down as the crowd were chanting in support of the Nazis”. It never happened mate. That’s just typical of what they brainwash the low-intelligence followers in the orange lodges, to re-enforce their anti-catholicism. The ground was closed for a short time during WW2 for a bottle throwing incident. Anything else was made by Rangers bigots, many of whom do support Nazism, and certainly use their propaganda techniques. Celtic fans tend to be left wing and, therefore, anti-nazi

  • dexylongshot

    What a let down last night, I bet Ledley’s gutted.

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