Is Twitter making a ‘twit’ of Footballers?

by Tony Alvarez

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

By Laurie Fitzgerald

When it comes to a form of communication that celebrities and sportsmen and women use to interact with their fans, then Twitter has become the number one method for talking to their followers.

Twitter has become a common use by many footballers that build up a community of their own supporters and let them know what’s on their mind, and what they are feeling at any moment in the day.

However, there have been many instances over the past year or so, not only in football but in other sports, that make you wonder whether it is of any benefit for people within sport to use the social networking site.

Take Marvin Morgan for instance. The 27 year-old striker had carved out a career in non-league football before making it into the Football League with Aldershot Town in 2008. So how do you go and endear yourself to the fans following a disappointing defeat to Hereford Town? If you’re Morgan, something like this:

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