It is all doom and gloom for the Toon!

by Teflon

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Going, going, gone?

A year ago I wrote my first UKFF article. It was on the status of Newcastle United. They were 3 points above the drop zone with only 9 games left to play and to make it worse they had a hard run in! Much has changed at Newcastle since then, in fact so much has changed, that they find themselves in almost exactly the same position. Make sense…?

When I wrote that article Kevin Keegan was the hero of the North, he went on to save Newcastle from relegation and made some big signings in the summer break namely Coloccini and Gutierrez.

At the start of the 2008-09 season Newcastle seemed to stumble out of the starting blocks and it took until November for the Toon to record 2 league wins in a row, and even then they lost 4 out of the next 5 games. Newcastle’s form has been so inconsistent this season that it is no surprise that they are yet again staring relegation in the face.

Last season Newcastle struggled at the start of their campaign and soon sacked Manager Sam Allardyce, this season was no different. Mike Ashley and Dennis Wise were soon in the media for all the wrong reasons. In early September just 3 games into the new season Kevin Keegan yet again found himself unemployed. It was a long dragged out procedure where no one actually knew what was going on, who was in charge, whether he got sacked, left or was forced out of his job. In mid September Mike Ashley tried to bring Keegan back to St James, but no agreement could be made.

It took almost a month to find a replacement after “no one else wanted the job”. As a last resort Ashley brought in Joe Kinnear, an old warhorse who was still serving a touchline ban from many years earlier. Joe started his Newcastle career with a fiery interview with the press where he swore over 50 times in just a short period of time.

Newcastle’s results were more of the same though, and all season they have never hit form. When the January transfer window came everyone knew Kinnear had to buy. With Mike Ashley looking to offload the club Kinnear was given very little funding. Also his keeper jumped ship and Charles “Insomnia” Nzogbia” (Who is one of the most over rated players in Britain) made a public fuss after he lost his teddy bear and shortly found himself at Wigan. Kinnear bolstered his Ranks with Kevin Nolan who made a great impact at St. James’.

So now, Newcastle United are in the press again. Mike Ashley has decided to stick with his club, although I don’t think it is through choice. It’s simple, who wants to board a sinking ship which is on fire? Then to make things even worse Joe Kinnear had some serious health problems. Yet again leaving Chris Houghton in charge of the club.

Chris is a good guy, but he is not experienced enough to be taking on this huge task himself. Newcastle need to do what seems almost impossible, and with an inexperienced assistant manager leading the way I can’t see them doing it.

Last season Newcastle escaped the drop by 7 points, this season is going to be a lot tighter. They have to play Chelsea, Stoke, Tottenham, Portsmouth, Middlesbrough, Fulham & Villa. I can see Newcastle getting only 6 points from these games, a win at Middlesbrough and Portsmouth looking the only likely wins. Newcastle are 2 points inside the zone, and 6 points will not save their season. They will need at least 8-10 points out of those last 7 games to survive and even then it will be tight.

So we are in almost the same position as last year! Morale is low, Players want to leave, the Manager (or assistant in this case) is not experienced in a relegation battle and Newcastle United are in the relegation zone and staring the drop in the face. But why? Why are Newcastle United, once a great team, once beating Barcelona in the Champions League in this situation? The answer is simple…

Mike Ashley & Dennis Wise. This duo has driven Newcastle into the ground, no one wants to play for them, no one wants to manage them, no one wants to buy them. Their management of the club has turned into a laughing stock, and unless they leave, it is all doom and gloom for the Toon!

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  • stevie

    a big club my ars!!

    The most over rated club in Premier League history. I predict a Leeds United coming on!!

  • Darren

    Newcastle as a football club are nothing more than a comedy circus of clowns. They’ve had more managers in the last 10 years then in Evertons total history. Why Everton? Simple, both clubs are similar in size, yet Everton are very loyal to their managers and don’t panic if they lose a few games. Look at Moyes, he has always had the clubs backing, even when they were in the bottom 3.

    Can you imagine if Big Sam was actually given a chance? I don’t think they would be in the bottom 3. Newcastle are unique in that their fans actually think they can do better. They may have loads of fans but how loyal are they when they boo a manger after a few matches. If they actually got their heads out of Keegans & Shearers ars they might be able to move forward. Until then the only way is down!

    It looks likes Sunderland are the pride of the North East these days and that must be very hard to take!!

  • dexylongshot

    Gotta agree. Look what sanm has done given some time. I don’t know how Ashley can still show his face. I predict a very tight few weeks for the Geordies.

  • Tef1on

    Alan Shearer… Inexperienced, Young…. I think they will go down

  • Martin Tibbetts

    Perfect opportunity for Shearer. He won’t put his reputation on the line by taking the job full time. This way, if he keeps them up he’s more of a god than before,and can go back to his job at the BBC and milk the calls for him to get the job even more than he does already. If they go down, its not his fault, they were doomed anyway. He knows exactly what he is doing…….

  • Darren

    this has got wind up written all over it. Surely?

    But then if it was the Geordies would never forgive him!

  • Tef1on

    They need experience, With their run in being as hard as it is they will need to have all the experience they can get! Big Sam or Churlishly would thrive in this situation! Alan has great knowledge of the game but this is his first Management role… Surely it would be better to keep Hughton in charge! I feel this will end in another Kevin Keegan underachievement situation which will look bad on Shearer. He is a brave lad for taking this on!

  • dexylongshot

    I said the last time they was looking for a new manager, Shearer would be a terrible choice, no experience managing and doesn’t come across a super tactitian on the box. Sorry, i haven’t changed my mind. Going down with the Brom.

  • dexylongshot

    I’m taking the above statement back. After securing the tactical nous of Coleman And Dowie today, I think wor Alan as made a perfect start. He’s gonna get them to do all the donkey work and he is gonna take all the glory, nice cards Mr Newcastle (Mach 2).
    I think they will stay up. Brom are still down!

  • Tef1on

    I hate to say I told you so… But… I told you so! Newcastle just didn’t have the quality this season. With the same team they will not be challenging in the Championship next year! there is a huge need for some big changes at Newcastle! But they should look on the bright side, Michael Owen will be at home playing Championship football!

  • Darren

    they were pretty shocking again, hardly created a chance. Own won’t stay, he’ll go to Wolves, MMW!

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