It works, I’m telling you!

by James Baker

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

A website has been launched that “will change the face of amateur football for good”. Not my words but the words of Talk sport presenter, Rhodri Williams. UK football finder has been launched to bring together football players and football teams. It’s like an online transfer system.

Why do I need to sign up to this brilliant new website? That is a good question and one I asked myself when I was asked to sign up. I am a member of a 7-a-side football team playing in Kent that goes by the name of the Dead Rabbits. Are we any good? At drinking beer and eating the odd curry after football, we are legendary. Are we any good when it comes to the beautiful game? Well there isn’t much beautiful about it. However, we love our Wednesday night run about and it’s more about meeting up with friends and having a good old laugh. Sometimes though, we can be short of a player or two on a Wednesday night.

I was told by a friend to visit this website and sign up the Dead Rabbits. I was told that once we were registered, we would receive emails from fellow football nuts wanting to play for the Dead Rabbits. I was sceptical, why would anyone want to play for the Rabbits? I visited the site and was impressed straight away by it. It’s beautifully designed and extremely simple to use.

Players were signing up at a speedy rate and were all looking to play in different positions, in different areas and at different standards. Could this really work?

I went through the procedure of signing up the Dead Rabbits. I believe my description of our team was “a bunch of lardy boys and a few rapid chaps playing for laughs on a Wednesday night”. I followed all the instructions regarding standard, team colours, area etc. And, that was it. I logged off the computer after taking a swift glance at the forum on there and thought I would probably never return or maybe just to laugh at some of the stuff being posted on the forum.

However, the next day, just after I had arrived at work with an industrial sized strong coffee to get me through the day, and sat at my desk, there was an email waiting for me. Someone seriously wanted to play for the Rabbits. I emailed the guy back and as it turned out, he was from the other side of Kent and could not make it up to my neck of the woods. Oh well, I thought. Maybe, there is something in this. Unbelievably, the emails kept coming. Every week I would receive two or three emails from people wanting to play for us. last week finally saw the debut of a player playing for the Rabbits. He was a bit better than us, which was to be expected but I think he enjoyed it and he is welcome to come and play for us again. Cheers, Ross!

So if you’re looking to turn your Sunday/Saturday league team into champions, or you’re just looking for a kick about then UKFF is for you!

So it does work. Tell your friends about this site. Tell people with teams to sign up as well. The amateur football revolution is here, those are my words. It does not matter how good or bad you are, there is a team on here that suits you.

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