It’s Only A Game…

by Sam Wheatley

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Today’s ‘It’s Only A Game’ is brought to you in a slightly tired and distorted fashion.  Rather than this being a result of celebrating the Nations Cup, I merely decided to enjoy the fruits of my labour (ahem) – but needless to say, I still managed to glean this morning and yesterday’s top stories, starting with…

QPR Ticket Price Hike

QPR’s billionaire owners are refusing to make any concessions and have smashed the price of season tickets for next season in the Premier League up by £110.  Presumably this is an attempt to facilitate the ambitious but ultimately flawed effort to bring Javier Saviola in from Benfica and to pay Ancelotti’s wages who is rumoured to be taking over from Neil Warnock, whose mate on the board has left.  After the success of QPR’s 2010/11 campaign, who couldn’t predict the treachery that is set to unfold over the summer?!

The Likely Lads

The Sun newspaper ran a story this morning reporting that Aaron Lennon, Ashley Young and Tom Huddlestone will be joining the cast of TV nightmare ‘The Only Way Is Essex’.  The paper revelled in the fact that the boys are probably going to “have a crack” at some of the girls out there.  Fair play to them, I say, but surely there are more conveniently positioned idiotic slappers closer to home?  It’s an excuse for a bit of sun, I suppose, amidst the usual womanising and boozing.  Still, with the season Spurs had, Lennon and Huddlestone deserved it.  If I was Young though, I’d be with my agent trying to thrash out the opportunity to join their football club rather than their holiday.

Robbie Savage Controversy

Possibly the most interesting thing about Scotland’s pointless 3-1 victory against Wales last night was Robbie Savage’s fine work on Twitter, which led to a barrage of abuse from his followers.  Bitterly suggesting that Scotland were rubbish (despite beating his team) through sarcastic little barbs didn’t go down too well with the fans.  At one point, he claimed “if I was Scottish, I’d of had 136 caps”, prompting one user to un-follow him based on grammar alone.  Other than that, Gary Speed whinged that Wales were treated as “a poor relation” by the referee.

Best of Twitter

Michael Owen is on fire at the moment, discussing his bed-time behaviour.  Apparently he had to “coax” these two fine chaps home before he could go to bed.  Rather him than me.  The Guardian’s Sid Lowe has also been going crazy about the big things happening in Spain at the moment; Sergio Aguero’s attempts to leave Atletico, Florentino Perez firmly siding with Jose Mourinho and David De Gea joining, then not joining and finally maybe joining Manchester United.  Clearly exhausted by the whole thing, he had to apologise for being too “cryptic”.

Spare a Thought For:

Ronaldo – bit of an obvious one, but the ‘phenomenon’ retired this year after a couple of seasons with Corinthians in Brazil aged 34.  For people who were in their teens during Ronaldo’s emergence (as I was), his arrival on the world football scene was something truly astounding.  His ability made you wonder how many goals he could possibly score in his career, the records he could break and how he could single-handedly raise the standard of forward play in the world.  Unfortunately, some cruel injuries meant that Ronaldo never properly fulfilled his potential at Inter, Real Madrid or Milan.  Doth your cap to a true great, who never gave up until he absolutely had to.

Don’t Think Twice About:

Andres D’Alessandro – whose career isn’t really that terrible but doesn’t befit his early ability.  Impressive on his loan spell at Portsmouth, “The Big Headed One”, as he’s known to his friends has made a series of poor moves despite doing well in Germany, England and Spain.  Rumoured to be on the verge of a move to Serbia’s FK Partizan, D’Alessandro has just broached 30 and has never really looked like he wanted to be as good as he is.

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