It’s Time Arsenal Fans Grew Up

by Luke McGee

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

I have a problem with a lot of Arsenal fans. They don’t sing, they don’t chant, they don’t seem to like Arsenal very much and they’re fickle.

This week I’ve been hearing more cries for the resignation of Arsene Wenger than ever before. How ridiculous is that? Arsenal are in a better financial situation than any other club in England, have a great youth system that is starting to blossom and throw up some exceptional looking players, and most importantly are at this moment in time just two points behind the pace setters.

In Arsene Wenger they have a manager who believes in the club and will defend his players to the death. People often call him a whinger and laugh when he claims not to have seen controversial incidents involving his players. It never occurs to them that Arsene is deliberately trying to protect his players from the nation’s scorn by leaving himself exposed, the sort of thing that a good manager might do.

And what a good manager he is; successful, intelligent and involved of every aspect of the club at every level. Furthermore, he is a positive influence on practically everyone that he comes into contact with.

Arsenal fans don’t realise how lucky they are to have a manager like Wenger, and should they ever want rid of him imagine the number of clubs that would sack their current managers to give Arsene a job. Finishing in the top four every year isn’t symptomatic of a club in crisis.

All of the above praise however does raise the important question; how has silverware evaded Wenger for such a long time?

Well, there are many answers to this, but the most obvious three I believe are that he hasn’t spent the money and that he has been taking the club through a transitional period, which inevitably will be difficult. In my opinion it’s as simple as that, and when you look at what is currently surrounding Wenger at other clubs, I think he’s actually done a pretty decent job in the past five years.

The third? Poor home support.

Why is it that the loudest you ever hear an Arsenal fan is when they’re complaining after a match or the closing of a transfer window? There are few people on the planet that know more about football than the professor, and there are certainly many that know less.

I firmly believe that a team’s success requires total support at all levels of the club, and that includes the fans. How demoralising do you think it is for a player to hear a louder reaction from his home fans booing an opponent than cheering his team?

I’m absolutely sick of seeing (not hearing, you can’t hear silence) the Arsenal fans sitting in the Emirates doing nothing, especially when Arsenal are losing.

If you want success start supporting your great club, with fantastic players and a world class manager. Support them through the good and the bad, win or lose.

Rant over.

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  • matty

    thank god someone saying this – couldn’t agree more – i flipping love arsenal and i don’t understand why other fans can’t do a bit more supporting and bit less bitching

  • Mystical Mike

    I’m with Matty, brilliant article and so, so true!!

    Yes, it’s frustrating being an Arsenal fan, but you’re so right, we have the biggest set of moaners and kiddy fans in the world!

    If they all got together and actually supported the club we’d have the loudest home ground in the Premier League!

  • RW

    Wow! a slap in the face… ouch! I see said the Blind man.

  • Jimbo

    Do I care about the club’s balance sheet? Only so far as it helps us win trophies.
    Do I care about the club’s youth system? Only so far as it helps us win trophies.
    Do I care about sexy football? Only so far as it helps us win trophies.

    We have a manager who clearly no longer understands some of the fundamentals of the game. He used to be miles ahead of the pack, now the pack have caught up and more and more will overtake until someone with new ideas steps in.

    As for this rubbish about our home support – I’ve travelled up and down the country to watch Arsenal, must have seen us play in 20 grounds. Never, ever have I been to another stadium and come away feeling jealous of the support being given to another club, bar 2 years ago when I saw Man Utd clinch the title against us with a home draw. This nonsense about how great other club’s support is is basically rubbish – just like Arsenal, they have good days and bad days. Blaming the fans for a lack of silverware is way, way off the mark.

  • Jimbo

    Oh, and if another mug tries telling me that all fans who want to see their club win trophies are ‘glory hunters’, I’m going to scream.

  • Jimbo

    Oh, and in case you think I’m making this up, you should have heard the roars at the Emirates this season as we tried to get the team to get a third against West Brom.

    Seriously, this article is written by a guy who clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  • Luke McGee

    I’m not blaming the fans entirely, and Arsenal’s away support is second to none I have to say.

    I do understand the lack of trophy frustration, but at what cost would you have it? Bearing in mind the trouble United are in and the other ‘big teams’ will be in when financial fair play kicks in?

    Who would you have replace Wenger?

    Thanks for all the comments by the way.

  • Mystical Mike

    you must obviously sit next to the away fans then Jimbo, anywhere else it’s simply embarrassing!

    I used to follow Arsenal home and away for years, our away support has always been excellent, however, our home support hasnt, Highbury was cool as we had Northbank vs Clockend, we’ve lost that at the Emirates I’m afraid!

  • Geir

    I was at the Emirates when we played Tottenham on saturday. My 29th visit to London to watch my team.

    As a norwegian Gooner I’m very upset by the fans leaving the stands four, five minutes before the break – and coming back 4-5 minutes after the restart. Added time included, a lot of supporters miss more than 10% of the game. Whats is that??

    I think the atmosphere in the first half was excellent, but that should be the case at all home matches. In the second half against Tottenham it became much more silent. Why? When Tottenham scored their first goal our supporters should have cheered more than ever, but they didn’t.

    I agree with Luke. The home supporters must show who they support. Don’t leave the stands before the ref blows his whistle – and sing and sheer on through the 90 minutes + added time.

    Perhaps with better home support we can make some points extra through the season. Go Gunners!

    The atmosphere

  • anon

    i have a problem with you and fans like you. it is time for you and them to stop worshiping wenger like a god. yes, he one 3 titles and 4 fa cups and nothing in europe despite reaching 2 finals. not good enough. georgie boy won 2 titles, fa and league cup and and the cup winners cup. and he was still sacked when it went pear shaped. wenger, with the players that he has had at his disposal should have won far more. but he has not because he is tactically useless. he has made mistake after mistake the past 5 years and yet you people expect us to not critic him. grow up, arsenal are bigger than wenger, we were winning trophies before wenger and we win win trophies after wenger. we have been soft on him, we have turned a blind eye to his snobbish ways for too long, we have sat back and watched this man shame our club by refusing to shake other managers hands.

    he is out of ideas, the captain wants to leave, players openly challenge him ( bentner and the young goalkeeper) and we will never win another trophy with this man again.

  • anon

    i can’t even bring myself to write his name again. i want him out. i want steve bould promoted to manager.

  • Luke McGee

    Stevie is a cracking shout for a more prominent role in the club set up, well said anon!

  • Mystical Mike

    @anon, I take it you’re smoking some serious funny fags mate, Steve Bould? That’s the best joke of the day, well done, you’re a comedy genius!

  • Luke McGee

    I’m alright with Steve Bould in the ranks, maybe he and Pat Rice could nudge Wenger on the areas where he can be a little (a little) stubborn

  • Mystical Mike

    What does Pat Rice actually do? Is he our version of Phil Neal under Graham Taylor?

    I would love to see Steve Bould and Tony Adams work as our defensive coaches, becuase lets face it, that’s what we need

  • Nortbanker

    It’s simple. In life you have choices. Be positive or be negative. I don’t say AW has all the answers but he has done more for the club than any supporter. To want him out of the club is so bloody shortsighted by the pesky moaners that it shows their inabilty to see the big picture. I support the club through good and bad times and respect the club and it’s tradition – something the current breed of fan doesn’t understand. Good article

  • Luke McGee

    Thanks Nortbanker. I think it’s also short sighted to overlook what he has done for the future of the club.

    People are not glory hunters for wanting trophies, of course not, but they have to look at the larger picture.

  • Mystical Mike

    what makes me laugh, is we are 2 points off Chelsea, who are struggling, 1 game away from yet another Champions League last 16, & we have a QF at home to Wigan next week.

    What’s the big deal? So we’ve lost a few home games, wins at City, Everton & Blackburn make up for the home loses.

    The Spuds have beaten us twice under Wenger in the league, I would say that’s a pretty sensational record to have.

    Lets be positive and get behind our team

  • Hans

    Supporters are meant to support. On the hand I think Arsene needs some help from his staff regarding the defence. Great article. Have been followingin the gooners almost forty years and the best signing and Arsene Wenger is club best signing these forty years. Maybe some of moaners do not know how it was before Wenger arrived.? Anyway never base your life on a football club. There are other more important thing in life than that.

  • mvb

    Good point you raise here. Unfortunatly, no matter how much support the players are given, the chants cannot account for tactical frailties. We have to be real. Footbal, not just the EPL, has moved on. AW is stuck in 1998, as a result, ON PITCH, we have became stale. I read a comment somewhere citing an old Einstein quote defining insanity… ”doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting different results”. Sounds like wave after wave of our sideways passing attack patterns. Oh, and I wish people would stop asking ” who could replace AW?” Shockingly enough, we live on a massive green and blue marble with one or two people who may be considered as candidiates. All jokes aside, stevie Bould Is a shout a threw out a year or so ago. Anyone doubting should probaly pay closer attention to the other tier of football within our club.

  • Joshua Fowler

    There’s a small pocket of fans in the corner of the North Bank that sing come what may…but there seems to be a definitely lack of inspiration for the fans. I love Wenger and I always will. I have him tattoo’d on my chest and keep his picture in my wallet, but we are a big club without trophies. And there’s only so long that sentence can be said before it becomes, we were a big club because we haven’t won any trophies. I honeslty think we’ll win the League Cup this season and that will kick start this new breed of players Wenger has that haven’t won a trophy yet. Give them the hunger, like a Vampire’s first bite!

    But as for the singing, away in the league we’re great! There are few individual player songs…it’s always ‘Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal’…or well, that’s it. Long gone are the ‘Walking in a Bergkamp wonderland’ and ‘Stand Up for Martin Keown’. Almost like we’re no longer proud enough of our players to sing their name. Let’s get involved Gooners! Get some more ‘I Like Eboue, boue’ or ‘We’ve only got one Song!’ going and The Emirates will be a brighter place! They’ve make it look nicer, so let’s make it sound nicer!

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