It’s time something was done about Arsenal’s Robin van Persie

by Paul Connolly

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Remember the uproar last season when Manchester City’s Emmanuel Adebayor was seen planting his boot – deliberately or not, I’m still not sure – on Robin van Persie’s face? The hushed tones of Gary Lineker et al as they discussed this apparent moment of savagery eventually led to Adebayor’s subsequent ban.

There was very little said about Van Persie’s own contribution to an unsavoury match. Nothing was said, for example, when, after scoring Arsenal’s first goal, he left the field of play and rushed towards the City fans screaming, ‘Fuck off, fuck off!’ This was apparently not considered to be inciting violence, unlike Adebayor’s own celebration when he did not even leave the pitch.

Last night’s Arsenal/City game saw Van Persie escape punishment again, this time when he elbowed Vincent Kompany in the stomach as the two players lay on the ground after a tackle. If you recorded the game you can see it happen at around 71.29. If Kompany had been a cheat and rolled around perhaps, just perhaps, someone on Sky or the BBC might have picked up on the incident and van Persie would now be the target of media campaign to get him banned.

But no – Kompany is a thoroughly decent professional and he just cast a look of disgust at Van Persie before getting up and getting on with it.

But Kompany’s decency did football no good – Van Persie is a nasty piece of work and he needs to be brought to account. Next time, Vincent, do a Van Persie and writhe around a little – you’ll be doing us all a favour.

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  • Mystical Mike

    I actually agree with you, and I would like to add that RVP does put himself about, but on this occasion I don’t think this incident was that bad.

    Everyone calls us soft yet the minute we get stuck in teams don’t like.

    Deal with, it’s our turn to win ugly!

  • Fred the Red

    The referees have decided that none of those kids at Arsenal do anything bad. EVER.

    If they had a decent team they would walk away with the title due to refereeing advantages.

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