Jack Wilshere

by Marvin Cave

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

The Young and talented English man has been out injured for a while now. Just like Aaron Ramsey had been not so long ago, and I have to wonder what his return will be like.

Most gooners would agree that Jack Wilshere , When fit, Should be one of the first names on the team sheet.

But there two questions that I ask my self a lot these days. Questions like, Will Jack Wilshere hit the ground running? Or will he struggle for form just like Aaron Ramsey did last season?

I thought about how some people say Jack is strong mentally, about how this personality trait will help him return at his best.

Then I thought to my self, Didn’t we see a mentally strong Aaron struggle for form/consistency last season?

What causes players who return from long injury lay-offs to struggle to find form?

Recently I was reading a story On Sports Injury Journal, About how Some athletes struggle to cope with the restrictions which may come with some serious injuries.

Some players are such dedicated Footballers, that they struggle to cope with serious injuries because they become impatient and frustrated at being on the sidelines, they end up pushing too hard and risk aggravating their injuries even more.

Remember how Jack Wilshere was expected to return from injury, during the winter last year? Was he given enough time to heal or should he have went under the scalpel sooner? Or was it Jack who was too eager to return to the pitch, disregarding the fact that he had to give his injury time to heal fully before he began pushing too hard. Was it his love for the club that made him push so hard , was it youthful exuberance, was it his frustrations at being on the sidelines while hi’s team struggled or was it everything?

“Injuries are seen as barriers or obstacles
that threaten goal-achievement and restrict overall progress.” – SIP

Aaron Ramsey hasn’t been the same player he was since his long-term injury lay-off, He tries too hard, he isn’t he same player we saw a few years ago who tormented Wolves in their own back yard. A player who conducted a youthful Arsenal side which traveled to Olympiakos like a Master conductor!

But since his injury, his progress seems to have come to a stand still and he is a seems to be just a pale imitation of the player he used to be.

Was he always going to be the player we see today? Could the injury just be an excuse? Which Aaron will we see this coming season? The One who promised so much before his injury? Or the one who always looked like he was trying to hard?

Serious injuries are the real test of a players strength, endurance and character. Aaron has shown us his strong character, by playing at The Brittania Stadium and giving as good as he got.

As for Jack Wilshere, it seems like he will make his long awaited return to action,this season. I hope he picks up from where he left of, but it all depends on what mind set he returns with. Will he try and live up to the expectations the media and England have created?,which Normally leads to players trying too hard, or will he keep it simple and slowly regain the form which had so many Gooners glad that he was English (Not Spanish) and he played for Arsenal.

Well this is just My Opinion.

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  • http://NewsNow Dominic

    I think there is a big difference between the 2 scenarios, Aaron Ramsey was out for a h0rrific tackle which could and very nearly ended his career. To come back mentally strong after something like that could take the boy 1-3 years or even more… time which Arsenal do not have. He must be playing with the thought of someone doing something like that to him again, in which case he may be playing with some sort of fear. Jack Wilshere is different, he has been out due to an injury of which the Arsenal Medical staff should have dealt differently (hense why all of our players are out for so long…Gbbs, Vermaelen, RVP etc) i.e get him under the knife as soon as the injury worsened. Once Jack is back and has played 10 or so games with no recurrance of the injury then that will fill him with the confidence that he hd previously where as Aaron still has to play in central midfield with tackles coming from all over the place and pyschologically this could trigger the thought of the injury he had preiously. Just my opinion anyway 🙂

  • Marvin Cave

    Thank You Dominic, I understand what you mean.

  • Shina

    Thumbs up Dominic, Aaron Ramsey is psycologically disturbed. So it will take him years to regain his codifence. As for Wilshere, he only need few games to pick up form

  • LewGooner

    my own personal view is that although Aaron struggled last year that was because he was played too often, mainly due to the amoutn of mid’s that were injured, Jack, Diaby for the seaon, Arteta for a good few months and rosicky too.
    The plan was to bed him into the team again, sort of like when he first came to the club. Play 20 or so games and slowly regain, confidence, fitness and strength.In the end he played nearly every game and was burnt out by Feb March.

  • James Webb

    Any truth in the failed drug test rumours?

  • Marvin Cave

    Are you trying to be funny?

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    only time will tell. the whole of england are already calling him our saviour, lets hope we don’t expect to much from him.

    Ramsey had a mare last season, his confidence was shot to pieces, didn’t help getting bored by his own so called fans!!!

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