Jack’s the lad for Fabio

by Dexy Longshot

Monday, October 11th, 2010

3 lions time again at Wembley tomorrow and i’ll be down there to get behind the team, I may even get a game behind the first 6 the way we are losing center halves. After the loss of The Jag and The Slag, it looks like Rio will be put in with Lego-Head Lescott which for me is not the ideal pairing but Fabio hasn’t got much choice at the mo. Upson has had an iffy start to the season and despite a recent purple patch, won’t be in the back 4. Gary Cahill has been called up and I would personally give him a go in a backline of Glenda, Captain Rio and Ashley. Hart has probably done enough to keep his place after some excellent form in the last qualifiers. It is nice to see Green back in the squad too, his form against Spurs was fantastic. He may have his critics after the howler against the Yanks but he was Fabios no1 4 months ago, if he gets his head in order, it will definately keep Hart on his toes.

In Midfield, Stevie G is first name on the sheet, 2nd on the sheet for me is the other Johnson in Adam. This boy is going to be the new Waddle mach III after Waddle, and Milner. On the left it may be a close call.  Id deffo have Johnson on the right, Stevie tip of diamond, Barry tidying up and then Joe Boy, Ashley Young, Downing or even young Prodigy Wilshire on the left. I love Joe Boy but he hasn’t done diddly in the red of the scousers, a bit like the rwest of  Rwoys Rweds. Now it comes to the other 3. Downing and Ashley have both played very well so far this season, Ashley in a more advanced roll. What I would like to see is Ashley played with Rooney up front. Despite 3 out of 3 wins for the opposition, they are missing some players themselves and I think we should really have a go at them. I think Fabio may start with Crouch alongside Shrek but I would like to see Young at some point interchanging with Rooney and Gerrard. That leaves a place in the side for Wilshire on the left. He’s playing some lovely football so blood him early, he could flit around the centre too interchanging with Gerrard and Barry. It may be a bold move but I think it’s worth the risk. He has been taken out of the under 21 play-off which is a right kick in the nads for Pearce. I don’t think Fab would have done that unless he truly believed he was going to play Jack the Lad. Unleash him. As I said eighteen months ago after his performance in the FA Youth. World Cup 2018: Player of The Tournament. Jack Wilshire.

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  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    why has Ferdinand been given the captaincy back? What a joke, the guy has played one league game all season! So much for players on form.

    Capello hasn’t got a clue

  • Adam Webster

    Ferdinand, like the rest of the England squad, is an overpaid and over-privileged player.

    I wouldn’t say that any of the current England side are world class, and as I alluded to on another post it’s the love of money and not the sport that fuels their ego’s and desire.

    Oh for the days of a PROPER leader on the field – like Stuart Pearce or Tony Adams – how they are missed!

  • mickeymarbles

    Pearcy, now you are talking! I don’t really think Fabio has much choice at the moment with so many so-called injuries. I’d wager that most of these injuries will clear up in time for Saturday.

  • dexylongshot

    What a waste of a ticket, at the least the curry was good after the game.

    Gareth Barry, 69% pass completion rate, that’s a joke at international level. Wright philips for Young. Davies for Crouch, like for like wasn’t what was needed in the 2nd, we had to change to formation, Gerrard was more like a quaterback, way to deep while Barry pretty much looked on (what Parker has to do to get in is anyones guess, I reckon he’s boning Fab’s missus). Rooney is still woefully unfit. Crouch wasn’t all that either in front of the goal. It was dying out for some Wilshire skill. The wingers should have swapped every now and again as well, it was only when we got behind them with some one/twos or a bit of Adam Johnson magic that we gave them the jitters but it didn’t happen often enough and their keeper played well. I could bang on for hours.

    The one plus-Joe Hart didn’t have to do nothing aprt from looking Rio looking good next to a not so good looking Lescott.

  • dexylongshot

    PS: That Brass band still f8cks me off as well.

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