Javier Mascherano = Disgrace!

by Teflon

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Teflons weekly rant

If you watched the whole of ‘Grand Slam Sunday’ on your couch with a beer you obviously have no life, or your Sunday League game was cancelled because a snowflake fell and it is now officially ‘Hazardous’ to play in snow because you might get a little chilly. So being left all alone for the weekend as the wife took a long trek north to see her family over Easter, I took the Mans approach of staying at home with beer and football (and my Dog) because my Sunday league game was cancelled, again.

So I was really looking forward to ‘Grand Slam Sunday’, I mean 2 great games, 4 great teams, and not to mention this could seal the title race. So I sat eagerly awaiting it to start, sipping away at beers eating Easter Eggs and feeding the Dog the remains of my Kebab from the night before.

I came to the conclusion after 5 minutes of the pre match banter that Andy Gray has truly lost his marbles and it seems Jamie Redknapp has stolen them. The other conclusion was Manchester United would batter Liverpool and Arsenal would loose in style in front of a subdued crowd at Stamford Bridge. What I didn’t expect to see was Javier Mascherano being shown a Red card in the first 40 minutes.

Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal have all shown a lot of maturity this season with their players controlled very well. (excluding the odd occasion when Gallas looses his Teddy) So when I first saw Mascherano’s Tackle I thought booking. Then his reaction I thought booking. Then everyone who committed the slightest foul Javier Mascherano was up in Steve Bennett’s face mouthing off. He had no need to do it, He was warned countless times and then finally he ran 30 yards to go tell Bennett to ‘f**k off’ after Torres got booked for being kicked. Everyone who watched that game could read his lips as countless times he said this to the Ref.

So it was a huge surprise to read this quote this morning. “I do not know why I was sent off,” Mascherano told the Liverpool Echo. ‘I was not aggressive and I did not confront him.’ Sorry Son, but that’s the biggest load of crap anyone has said all season, it even beats ‘Kevin Keegan will win us a title’ from a very hopeful Geordie. Not only before he was sent off he was in Bennetts face confronting him at every decision, but after he was shown red he went psycho and not Stuart Pearce Psycho, I mean really Mad. It took the whole Liverpool team to restrain him and a very harsh word from his Manager to finally send him down the tunnel with steam still pouring from his ears.

I can now justify why the FA are calling for new ruling where the captain is the only player allowed to talk to the ref. I hope they bring this rule in soon, as this isn’t fair on referees. Their job is hard enough as it is without players like Mascherano in their face making them feeling threatened. He was an absolute disgrace to Liverpool, he deserves to have his Ban extended, not only that but he effectively threw the game away and slumped Liverpool closer to a 5th Place finish. Not surprisingly Andy Gray defended the player and his actions and said it was only passion that made him do that.

Get these Idiots out of this game. This isn’t acceptable in any game of football, from Sunday League to International, it’s purely unacceptable. And to make my weekend worse, The Dog finished my Easter Egg and was sick, Arsenal lost and my Wife broke my car. But I did win £20 on the lottery! RESULT!

Rant Over

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  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    what happened about the 10 yard rule that they took from the rugger buggers? Give the ref lip then the free kick goes 10 yards forward.

    Also, John Terry is rumored to be captain tomorrow, that’s a disgrace, he is the worst moaner of all, he’s over rated, slow and a twat.

  • rob pullinger

    Couldnt agree more and with you for once???

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