Joe Kinnear – The Louis Walsh of the football world

by Mystical Mike

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

It’s all about entertainment

It was the front page of the Sun, of the Mirror, even the Telegraph got in on the act with a mention or two; Laura White booted off the X Factor and the baying masses weren’t happy.

Now, I have been known to watch the reincarnation of Search For A Star and yes Laura shouldn’t have been voted off. Mariah Carey was a more likely candidate but, is it really front-page news?

How’s about this for a headline? Fleetwood super-mac? After the story of the electrician who fixed the lights at Leiston so the game could go on (Grays could have done with him mid-week when their floodlights failed) or how about Bird helps Robins fly after Carshalton’s boss Hayden gets to grips with his new squad?

Now, bar getting voted off the X Factor, some inappropriate phone messages, or even the cure for the old credit crunchy apple, there’s not much from the world of Non League that would make it on Fleet Street, and mores’ the pity.

Every week now I hear tales of heroic deeds at Non League level, from the 90-year-old fan still mowing the grass, to the tea lady, which further down the job description reads; kit man, boot boy, programme seller, secretary and washer-up-er. No, definitely not news worthy.

Quick shufty at the sports pages of the major tabloids and it’s about Respect again this week. Joe Kinnear and his Mickey Mouse comments and Sir Alex ranting about one man or another. So here’s the deal. Unfortunately trash sells. We like salacious gossip, we like scurrilous headlines and we like big time Charlies giving it the big I am. Non League is never going to be like that.

This week of all weeks there has been one exception. The story of AFC Wimbledon capturing so many national headlines. Here’s a club trying to do it the right way and trying to approach the game with a true professional club attitude. Terry Brown, interviewed live on TV, made no reference to the officials, and their Chief Executive Erik Samuelson refused to be drawn into a ‘spend the TV money and gamble’ debate. All Dons feet are firmly rooted.

Perhaps it takes a spell at the very bottom to realise what you had. Perhaps the majority of Non League clubs realise their moment in the sun may not come round too often, so choose to use it wisely.

As Laura White, booted off the X Factor probably realised, the show is just a programme for our entertainment, with four human beings judging, playing the game and acting up. Maybe Joe Kinnear has a touch of the Louis Walsh’s about him, playing up for the cameras. Maybe that’s what makes Non League refreshing, it’s not quaint, jumpers for goalposts, the image bandied around every time the FA Cup pops up. Perhaps though on the whole it’s just a little more honest about what it is. Football.

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  • Stevie

    it was a master stroke employing Joe Kinear, with his relationship with the press it takes all the heat of the team playing badly. Its actually had a positive effect as they’ve started to win games.

    As for the Xfactor, its crap and who cares who wins anyway

  • Matt Quinn

    I like Diana.

  • Jimbo

    I like Will Young, what a dish, oooohhhhhh helllllooooo!!!!

  • tef1on

    Have you seen Ruths tits?

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