Joey Barton – Spot on or just bitter?

by Mystical Mike

Saturday, June 27th, 2015

Like him or loathe him, Joey Barton is a rare breed in the football media. An intelligent out spoken, passionate, football fan with an honest opinion.

The former QPR midfielder tells 5 live Sport that the culture in English football is “rotten from top to bottom” following the team’s exit from European Championships.

The culture within English football isn’t changing. St Georges Park, isn’t going to change anything. Its rotten from top to bottom. England will always under perform at national tournaments until change is made.

Barton also claims that players who do not make themselves eligible for the Under-21s should not be considered for selection for the national team for several years after.

Is he spot on or just bitter?

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  • http://VitalQPR John Gallagher

    Absolutely spot on. English football is a mess from top to bottom. The FA is incompetent, the coaching throughout the English game is abysmal and players are way too arrogant and are paid far too much.
    If you, as a player, or your club, is too selfish to play for England’s U21s, then you do not get picked for the senior side, ever!
    The FA needs to be split into two, the Gin and Tonic, county FA peasants for the amateur/parks game and a streamlined modern organisation for the professional game.
    Coshing must be modernised. When watching kids football, coaches are only interested in big strong lads to can run all day and kick lumps out of smaller touch players. Until that changes, England has no chance of producing anyone who can live with the likes of Messi!

  • Mystical Mike

    its the same convo after every tournament. Barton was spot on. There’s no long term strategy. We have the best stadiums, the most fans yet we flatter to deceive every time

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