John ‘Judas’ Terry England shirt for sale – 1p ono

by Dexy Longshot

Monday, February 1st, 2010

I have a replica 2006 Red England Top with the number 6 (Bobby Moores number) & Terry (My middle name after Dexy) on the back. I doubt I will ever have the nerve of touching it again now our current England captain has done the dirty on one of his best mates.

I am anxious to be shot of this so I’m putting it on eBay for just 3 days for the princely sum of 1 English penny.

The top has scene some action at the last world cup and was a spectator at the England v Ecuador game. It has been worn around 20 times but looks pretty much new apart from maybe a few tear stains on the chest after crashing out to Portugal and being at Wembley when McCarrot failed to get us qualification to the Euros.

If you’re a Big John fan, this is a bargain at 1p. If you have any queries, feel free to leave a comment in the blog. I will even pay for post and packaging to get rid of this smear on my England Replica Wardrobe (Currently boasting 11).

For more info please visit eBay

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  • jimmythegent

    I’m having some of that, I can p*ss on it and put the footage on youtube.

  • Karl Savage

    Well Jimmy, you’ll have to spend more than a penny now, literally, as I have the first bid.

  • Dave

    I think JT should stay Captain and I still think he is a World Class player, if he helps England win the World Cup he can shag whom ever he wants in my books.

    JT for Prime minister!!!!!!

  • Tef1on

    haha £1.70 heading your way

  • dexylongshot

    tossbag!!! Not sure if you count?

  • Tef1on

    Im a big Terry fan, I know hes done the dirty, but half the England team has. If you were to pick players on pure niceness then you’d have Jimmy Bullard being the one man team! Football is currently littered with money grabbing arseholes. There is no room for a nice guy in football these days. Unfortunately its the way of the modern world.

    Now im not sticking up for him, hes been a complete tosser… but hes still the right guy to win us the world cup… you watch him, he’ll be a hero in 6 months!

  • dexylongshot


    Your right about 6 months time, if we win the thing with as captain, everyone will forget about this. The feeling i’m getting from the interview I saw with Stuart Pearce is Terry’s gonna keep the armband.

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